Pics of my body

OK, I'm not an athlete. At least not right now, because I'm not really training these days, nor was I when these pics were taken. I was just cutting to minimize bodyfat, and did not had access to a gym, so I was basically just doing some bodyweight exercises. And gaining huge size wasn't my primary goal at all. But I always got lots of energy on a vegan diet, with sufficient calories, so I can easily make 100km bike rides and recover quickly. I want to get back to training, especially weightlift training in a gym, I liked that. Perhaps also some martial arts classes.

Anyway, I'm just showing these to show that the bias against vegetarians and vegans telling that they are weak, too lean, not strong, etc, is in fact just a bias, based on ignorance. Everybody wants to be lean, but then they accuse vegans to be lean ?? There are obese vegans too. But there are certainly more obese omnivores, with all the cholesterol and sat. fats in dairies in meat. Veganism is in fact the optimum diet to achive superior physic and mental skills. Eating corpses can surely be only detrimental to health and fitness.
I like this comment from someone on the web :
gyms I've been (…) are filled with skinny rats who stuff themselves with corpses to try (to) get big -- Mik

Like I said, I'm not a real athlete, watch THIS LINK to see real vegetarian and vegan athletes.


NO NO, no need to eat corpses to be strong... !! Then why do it ? Go vegan please.
There are athletes who don't eat meat and who excell in all disciplines. Carl Lewis was the fastest man on Earth. May it be speed, endurance, or strenght, veganism is the way to go. There is a long list of vegetarian athletes in John Robbins' book "Diet For A New America", like Paavo Nurmi who's got 20 world records and 9 olympic medals or Murray Rose, olympic gold medalist at the age of 17.

Dr Irving Fisher at primate abuse Yale found that randomly selected vegetarians were able to hold their arms at length 9 times longer than members of the Yale football team)

17,003 Consecutive Situps: World Record Held By Vegetarian Alan Jones

US Marine Corps Captain Alan Jones of Quantico, Virginia was struck by polio when he was five years old. Now a vegetarian, Alan could be the fittest man on Earth by amassing a record of physical accomplishments unmatched by any human that ever lived. He holds the world record for continuous sit-ups (17,003 times). In a 15-months period, he accomplished possibly the most remarkable array of physical achievements ever attained by a human being:

Lifted a 75-pound barbell over his head 1,600 times in 19 hours.
Made 3,800 basketball free throws in 12 hours, with 96 pc hit rate.
Swam 500 miles in 11 days, down a river to the ocean.
Skipped rope 43,000 times in 5 hours.
Skipped rope 100,000 times in 23 hours.
Swam 68 miles in a swimming pool without a sleeping break.
Swam half a mile in zero degree Celsius water without a wet suit.
Performed 51,000 sit-ups in 76 hours.

Facts from the book "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins :

Only man to win Ironman Triathalon more than twice: Dave Scott, 6 time winner
Food choices of Dave Scott: Vegetarian
World record holder for 24 hour triathalon, swim 4.8 miles, cycle 185 miles, run 52.5 miles: Sixto Linares
Food choices of Sixto Linares: Strict vegetarian
Athlete who most totally dominated Olympic sport in track and field history: Edwin Moses, undefeated in 8 years, 400 meter hurdles
Food choices of Edwin Moses: Vegetarian
Other notable vegetarian athletes:
Stan Price: World record-bench press
Robert Sweetgall: World's premier ultra-distance walker
Paavo Nurmi: 20 World's records in distance running, 9 Olympic medals
Bill Pickering: World record - swimming English Channel
Murray Rose: World records - 400 and 1500 meter freestyles
Andreas Cahling: Winner - Mr. International body-building championships
Roy Hilligan: Winner - Mr. America body-building championships
Pierreo Verot: World's record for downhill endurance skiing
Estelle Gray and Cheryl Marek: World's record for cross-country tandem cycling
James and Jonathan deDonato: World's record for distance butterfly stroke swimming
Ridgely Abele: Winner of 8 national championships in Karate, including U.S. Karate Association World Championships

VEGAN BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS, featuring athletes like Avi Lehyani , Robert Cheeke(founder of the website and forum), Steve Holt .

andreas cahling
roy hilligenn
roy hilligen
bill pearl
bill pearl

Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his book, "Arnold's Body Building for Men":

"Kids nowadays...tend to go overboard when they discover body building and eat diets consisting of 50 to 70% protein--something I believe to be totally unnecessary... (In) my formula for basic good eating: eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight."

In the documentary "Pumping Iron", he says : "I drink no milk -- Milk is for babies"


JIMI SITKO,personal trainer, strength athlete, vegan

BRENDAN BRAZIER, triathlon champion, vegan.

MAC DANZIG, MMA fighter (mixed martial arts) in UFC. Record: 21-4-1. "A vegan, naturalist, animal lover and serious photographer, Danzig transcends the typical stereotype of a combat athlete." (quote from his website). He's winning against all other fighters, like those who feed themselves with corpses and those who still drink milk like babies.

TIM VAN ORDEN, 100% raw vegan runner, winning most of his races at 40 years old, against runners who are 20 years younger.

RICHARD BLACKMAN : fruitarian fitness trainer, F.I.T (Fruitarian Intense Training),,

CARL LEWIS: sprinter, track and field vegan athlete "who won 10 Olympic medals including 9 golds, and 10 World Championships medals, of which 8 were golds... His 65 consecutive victories in the long jump achieved over a span of 10 years is one of the sport’s longest undefeated streaks." (wikipedia)

DURIAN RIDER: cyclist ultra endurance organicathlete, 100% raw organic fruitarian vegan

ANASTASIA ASHLEY : pro surfer, beautiful and vegetarian

Me, with OrganicAthlete outfit

There is an endless list of vegan athletes on the Animal Liberation Front website.

-Here are just a few:


* Hank Aaron (home run champion, baseball) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* B J Armstrong (US Basketball star)
* Al Beckles (body builder)
* Sorya Bonali (ice skater)
* Les Brown (veteran runner)
* Peter Burwash (tennis)
* Andreas Cahling (bodybuilder)
* Chris Campbell (1980 world champion wrestler)
* Joanna Conway (ice skater)
* Sylvia Cranston (triathlete)
* Sally Eastall (Marathon runner - UK No 2, vegan)
* Di Edwards (runner, Olympic semi-finalist)
* Katie Fitzgibbon (marathon runner)
* Clare Francis (sailer)
* Louis Freitas (body builder)
* Carol Gould (marathon runner)
* Estelle Gray (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Sammy Green (runner)
* Ruth Heidrich (3-time Ironman finisher, marathoner, age-group record holder, Pres. Vegetarian Society of Honolulu) (vegan) Source: personal acquaintance, also...her book--A Race for Life
* Sally Hibberd (British Women's Mountain Bike Champion)
* Sharon Hounsell (Miss Wales Bodybuilding Champion)
* Desmond Howard (formerly w/Washington Redskins, now w/Jacksonville Jaguars) Source: PETA
* Roger Hughes (Welsh National Ski Champion)
* David Johnson (BAA coach)
* Kathy Johnson (Olympic Gymnast)
* Alan Jones (British ski jumper)
* Billie Jean King (tennis champion) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Killer Kowalski (wrestler) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Jack LaLanne (Fitness guru) (vegan)
* Donnie LaLonde (Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. (Lost title to Sugar Ray Leonard)) Source: Article in San Jose Mercury News
* Tony LaRussa (Manager of St. Louis Cardinals - US team) Source: PETA, Animals Agenda, Animals Voice, Veg Times, others
* Silken Laumann (Olympic rower) Source: Cooking Television Show
* Judy Leden (British, European & World Hang Gliding champion)
* Marv Levey (Buffalo Bills Coach)
* Jutta Müller (multiple Windsurfing World Cup Champion) Source: Flutlicht 95/6/18 on Südwest 3 (German TV program)
* Jack Maitland (triathlete and fell runner)
* Cheryl Marek (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Leslie Marx (fencer;1996 woman's epee national champion)
* Kirsty McDermott (runner)
* Lindford McFarquar (body builder)
* Robert Millar (cyclist)
* Katherine Monbiot (world champion arm wrestler & nutritionist) (vegan) Source: Vegan Society UK
* Monika Montsho (weightlifter, 2 x runnerup GB Championships 60kg, NW woman weightlifter 1991)
* Edwin Moses
* Martina Navratilova (Retired Tennis Champion) Source: Magazine Interviews/Genesis Awards
* Julie Ann Niewiek (Basketball commentator) Source: Grand Rapids press/ Image Magazine
* Paavo Nurmi
* Robert Parish (Center - Warriors, Celtics, Hornets, Bulls) Source: Hearsay
* Bill Pearl (Bodybuilder, Mr America) Source: Getting Stronger by Bill Pearl, pg 399
* Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe and bodybuilder) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Anthony Peeler (NBA Grizzlies basketball player) Source: NBA web site profiles
* Sopata, Craig (well known golfer in the New York TRI state area. and also a semi-pro skateboarder. He went to Purdue University).
* Dave Scott (5-time winner of the Ironman Triathlon) (vegan) "The New Laurel's Kitchen" cookbook
* Debbie Spaeth-Herring (Georgia State power-lifter) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian
* Jonathon Speelman (chess)
* Lucy Stephens (triathlete - vegan)
* Jacques Vaughn (All American point guard, #1-ranked Univ of KS Jayhawks) Source: Lawrence (KS) Journal World (numerous editions)
* Kirsty Wade (runner)
* Bill Walton (basketball player) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

PhotobucketLet's not forget the greatest martial artist and one of the greatest athlete of all time, as fit as one can be, Bruce Lee. Yes, he wasn't totally a vegetarian. But he wasn't eating a lot of meat, he also stopped drinking those whey protein shakes that made him look like a big bodybuilder, then he was able to achieve the physique he wanted: lean, incredible definition, fast, incredible speed and strength.


And finally, some pics of me:

( More here )

Famous Vegetarians/Vegans, Celebreties

Why showing that some famous people are vegans ? Just to show that it's not only hippies, punks, nature fanatics, etc...

"oh you don't eat meat you will become anemic, you need b12 and you'll miss this and that" yeah yeah yeah.Some of the most beautiful, brillant and intelligent persons in the world chose to avoid eating meat.

Order a FREE 'Vegetarian Starter Kit' at

Read what they have to say here :

Josh Hartnett:
"I gave up meat when I was 12. … One day I was cutting up a chicken for my mom, and I hit a tumor with the knife. There was [pus] and blood all over the place. That was enough for me."

Kim Basinger:
"If you could feel or see the suffering, you wouldn't think twice. Give back life. Don't eat meat."

Wu Tang Clan's Masta Killa:
"I never really liked meat. I was a child that had to be forced to eat my meat. Whatever you ate before [going vegetarian] that you loved—like turkey slices—they've got a substitute now that's not hard to find."

Mmm, Alicia Silverstone, Naomi Watts, such nice bodies, with absolutly no meat rotting inside their beautiful bodies. They're as pure as fresh fruits ; )

Lists of vegans/vegetarians:
Only vegans:

Me and My Long Rant About Veganism, Animal Rights, etc...


A little girl ended up in a slaughterhouse, she was found holding the corpse of a calf, like a mutilated doll.

One carnivore asked me a question, in a human and polite way --which is rare. Why us, vegetarians and vegans, always feel the need to tell other people how to live? Saying it is a very superior attitude towards others. He continues with this :
If you are truly a person who seeks peace, then you would not be trying to push your beliefs onto other people. Ghandi said:

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right."

I do not try to force my beliefs on you, so what's your problem?

That's great. But I'm not forcing anyone or anything, just writing stuff. I'm not even an active activist for animal rights, not yet.You choose to read my words or not. You choose to try my doctrine on you if you want, to see if I'm lying or not. To quote Gandhi, he also said :
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

By some circumstances in my life, I came to a point where I finally understood something about life, animals, and my health. I changed, and became vegan. I'd like to share that discovery with others. But I can't make them change or even understand. It has to come from within their heart, I can only try to convince them to open their eyes and hearts, to at least try, so they could see another world that is presented to us with the milk and meat packed in cellophan in the grocery stores around the country, another world that McDonalds and Burger King show us. What's behind all this, it is kept secret. It is this that people need to see, the endless list of tragic consequences.

Cutting dogs in China
So here's my problem. The problem is that it is not only my problem, but the problem of everybody, of all inhabitants of Earth, animals included, and the problem of the planet itself.
If it was about wether or not to eat olives, that wouldn't bother me at all. But eating meat, dairies and eggs is something completely different.

Eventhough I don't eat animal products anymore, the fact that some other people do it concerns me. I don't like to mind the business of others and vice versa. But your business must not cause death and suffering all around.
The meat industry cause full of externalities. This notion applies to economy, ethic, health, ecology, etc. Rise of air pollution, water pollution, rise of healthcare, of violence, etc, etc...

You, meat eater, you contribute to the Holocaust of billions of innocent animals.
Thousands of animals are slaughtered every second, only in America.
I won't write all the numbers and statistics in this post, but see my posts labeled with "
Stats/Facts". Suffice it to say that the extermination of 53 billion animals PER YEAR is the biggest massacre that humanity has ever perpetrated. 

All those poor animals didn't chose to be the main participant involved in this industry of murders.
You chose for them, in the name of the so-called human superiority over other species.
That attitude of superiority is
specism, like racism, fascism, and sexism. (see the movie Earthlings on Google video)

All carnivore animals are murderers. All human carnivores kill or order killings by paying mercenaries. ALL MURDERERS EAT MEAT. 


They say: "we are omnivores", "we crave for meat", "we are carnivores", "we have canines", "cavemen ate meat", "humans are omnivores"... indeed they are, but they shouldn't be; they should be vegans, according to anatomy, physiology and biology; following the basic laws of life would avoid them their cancers and heart attacks. Humans are fruitarians. Humans are frugivores. Humans are whatever it is natural for them to be: Go in nature : will you pass a tree with fruits to go kill a cow? I don't think so.
Look, if you claim that humans are carnivore animals by nature, act like one, "walk your talk, or get back in your pram", like  Harley would say.  Go in the nature, go bite in the leg of a cow. Just try to kill an animal. You won't even be able to catch a squirrel. All you'll be able to kill are caterpillars, beetles and cockroaches. You'll have to eat ants, or a crushed skunk on the side of a road. But that's meat, so why don't you try it? Don't be so picky by choosing only lean meat and removing the skin, but rather eat the whole body, like real carnivores do. Meat eaters are ridiculous; you should eat the eyes, the brain, the sexual organs, everything, otherwise your diet will be incomplete. These body parts should be appealing to you.  You're supposed to be attracted by blood and rotten flesh, and you should enjoy to stuff your head in some stinky guts. Well, guess what, it's not the case...  We're primates, and just like apes,  the bonobos, the closest cousin related  to our specie, eats fruits, nuts, dark leafy greens, but no meat. If he eats animals, it's small insects, usually the ones that are on the greens, always a very small pourcentage of his diet. We have innoffensive bodies, except maybe Bruce Lee (who was a vegetarian), there is nothing agressive about how hands, our fingernails, our teeth. We are perfectly adapted to grab fruits in trees, we are not predators like lions and tigers.

Honnestly I don't see a huge difference physically when comparing my vegan diet to as when I was eating meat. But that's because it's hard to tell. It's many years ago, I had a different activity level too, and I made a long transition from omnivore to vegetarian for 5 years and then vegan. But I do see improvements in physical activities that I do, and I notice a big increase of energy. But don't be fooled; energy ain't only physical. I think part of my energy comes from the mind; being happy or depressed for instance, has a huge impact on your health, and not only mental health. Personally I feel way better with myself emotionally and intellectually, and happiness gives energy.      
I agree with what Jeremy Moore says here :
I like the fact that I can wake up every day knowing I’m not going to be responsible for killing others. I only wish those other people woke up every day thinking about they animals they kill on a daily basis.

Some say "I need meat" some others say "I don't need meat" some others say "I need coffee or I won't function normally" and some others say caffeine is poison. I don't believe in that crap "what's poison for someone is good for someone else", we all have similar bodies with nearly identical digestive systems. Just different calorie needs.

Someone eating raw meat and stuff said about veganism and raw vegans: "Idealistic diets don't work. The body isn't nourished on ideal"... well what do you think your diet of raw meat is for you ? (He claims his health dramatically decreased during his 6 months as a raw vegan, losing his hair and muscles) and what was your mindset when you were raw vegan? happy or persuaded you were making a mistake? To be fit you need to believe it. You can't be in shape if u don't believe it.

Socrate predicted that meat eating would cause wars. We're now cutting down trees in other countries to have more territories to grow and feed cattles for meat.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, as well as other naturalists before him like Thielden, said that meat eating automatically and inevitably lead to cannibalism eventually.
He was right.

PETA event

Photobucket Photobucket


Cholesterol is only in the animal kingdom. Fibres are only in the vegetal kingdom. Vitamins, oxygen, chlorophyll, enzymes are mostly in fruits and greens. It is obvious that the wise choice to make is to opt for foods offered by the nature. Not wastes of the nature, like the animal corpses that are the animal products you eat.

Do you wanna be guilty of 100 murders per year, as well as being constipated by eating food with no fibres at all, and to die prematurely of an heart attack or cancer ?? Think about it.



I post this, inspired by the discussion on vbb forum, in search of the ideal workout routine.

When we watch a bodybuilding video on utube about Arnold for instance , we often see in the comments someone just saying:"genetics", then someone saying "hard work", and finally someone saying "combination of good genetics and hard work".

I'm not saying that good genetics aren't important. We're made of what's encoded in our DNA. Of course it is important, but once we're created, what's done is done. Only Diet and Exercise can make a difference between 2 identical twins. We're not all twins in the population, but we're very similar overall.

The workout program defines the body. The genetics defines the limits. Thing is, very rare are the people who reach their potential limits, so genetics are not so important. Of course, good genetics can help achieve a certain goal easier and faster, with less effort. Still, it's the exercises and nutrition that will build this physique. I'm not talking about details. The encrypted code in your DNA will define how your skin look like, muscles, etc. But most people have a similar code.

Let's make an analogy with building a body and building a house. Arnold was saying he saw himself as an artist creating a sculpture, putting some clay here and there to shaphe the muscles the way he wanted them.

The DNA is the first architect of the body, or the foundation of the house, the nature of the soil on which it is built.
The bodybuilder is the worker of his body (house).
The workout program, the dumbells and weight machines are the tools (hammer).
The foods are the materials (nails, clay, etc).

All DNA are different for each person. Usually with just small differences. An infinite numbers of small differences, that are not so important when it comes to desigh the perfect workout routine. There's different ideal workout plan for different goals, different disciplines or sports, or for different body types. When I mean body types, I mean male/female, or very small versus very tall, etc. But the workout of Mr. America may be perfect for most bodybuilders too.

The shitty houses, it's not necessarily because of the architect, it may be because of poor materials(foods, weights) or workers (the bodybuilder).
Genetics are rarely to blame or the opposite. We've found a person with a gene that makes him immune to AIDS, but he's the only person discovered with this.

There's no identical DNA (except perfect twins), but we're all built around the same model, all coming from the same origin.
Most houses or cars are similar, because they're from the same models, with small differencies: the material used (foods for the body) and the quality of the workers (us).

The True Medecine Man

Let me take a few minutes of your life to talk to you about a real hero: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. He took care of hundreds and hundreds of sick persons in his fasting center, curing severe diseases with fasting with water or natural, living foods. For him, health is the greatest wealth of man, and it was important for him that he spread his message, by doing conferences and writing books.

I've only read 2 of his books yet, Food combining made easy and Superior Nutrition, but it is good, it makes sense all the way.

You can read a selection of some of his articles here.
A resumé of his good food combining rules.
A biography
I think you can listen to lectures of some of his books there, haven't checked yet
Go on, there is some interesting articles by Shelton :
The Paradise Diet
The Elements of Nutrition

He wasn't selling any products or promoting pills of medecine or artificial vitamins. What he promoted was living foods (fruits, greens, nuts), exercise, rest, sun, pure water, fasting, a peaceful mind... For him, the health is in the body. Diseases come from the outside, like bad foods, who are poisons that intoxicate the body. Good foods are not medecine, they're only supporting the body, by providing only what's essential to maintain an healthy life. To be healthy and to stay healthy, it is useless to ask the scientist or the chimist; one must nourrish himself from all the essential nutrients that Nature offers.

He didn't believe it is possible to be cured with drugs and poisons, like the multi-billionnaire pharmabusiness try to make us believe. He promoted a "drugless healing", by removing the causes of the symptoms, rather than trying to kill the symptoms, which will always reappear if we don't solve the problem at it's source.

Short Biography from wikipedia.  This  article denigrates Shelton and reduce his life to prison sentences. His life was way more than this, he's the one who contributed the most to hygienism, he's known as "The Father" of the Hygiene movement eventhough he is not the founder of it. The article doesn't say he saved hundreds of lives but mentionned that one or two died, one from an heart attack. How many people die in hospitals ? at least a hundred each day. The whole wikipedia article is from this site, using only the texts about his mistakes, and leaving the exploits he accomplished. I suggest you to read it there then. 

This explains why he's been arrested so many times, rarely trialed, kept in jail for many weeks, one time for 10 months, (he always use this to fast and write), it was always " in New York, for "practicing medicine without a licence." The great irony is that Dr. Shelton would never "practice medicine"! Still, that is what the authorities call it when someone tells people how to live, how to sleep, how to eat, and how not to take medicines!"

Notes about the wikipedia article:

"The majority of this article is copied almost verbatim from another site (with the exception of my addendum of Dr. Shelton's cause of death). The article seems to me to be top heavy on Dr. Shelton's personal mistakes rather than accentuating the multitudinous successes which he experienced. Recent scientific discoveries are now demonstrating that Dr, Shelton was WAY ahead of his time. These negative statements made in this Wikipedia article have been distributed in other areas of the Internet which is unfortunate since the art and science of fasting is an invaluable source of healing for many people who have exhausted other medical and alternative therapies for restoration of their health as well as finding relief from PTSD. I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility in distributing the word that an alternative option exists. I have seen many people who were given the death sentence by the medical profession make a stunning recovery through fasting and these recoveries have been medically documented." - CWatchman on Wikipedia

Devour the Earth

Even if this documentary is pretty old, it is still very accurate. The facts are just worse now, more than 10 years later, things are not getting better, on the contrary.

FACTS from the 1995 documentary "Devour the Earth" narred by Paul McCartney

In Holland , the ratio cattle/humans is 7 for 1. The forests are dying due to acid rains, caused mainly by cattles.
-we need 2 times more superficy to feed a meateater than for a vegetarian and 4 times more than a vegan.
-In certain area, wastes from cattle ranching are responsible for 70% of the acid rains.
-England could feed 250 millions of vegans
-If everyone on Earth would eat like Americans, half of the world population could not eat at all
-Meat production requires 12x more water than vegetables
10 kg of grains needed to produce only one kg of meat
-Fish industry is not better at all : to produce 1 kg of salmon you need 5 kg of fish.
-PCB, one of the most toxic product of all, is in the whole food chain but especially in water and the animals living in it.
-40% of captured fish for consumption are sigh and have cancerous tumors.
-About 240 000 tons of PCB polluted the oceans before it got banned from countries. Now it will stay in the environment, and food chain, for centuries.


-Before 1950, 14% of the world’s land was tropical rainforests. Now more than half are gone.
-Half of animals live in rainforests and 90% of all the different species on the planet can be found in the forests
-Each year, we cut trees of a superficy of Britain. Around 200 000 km2 per year
-Most of this to make space for cattles or to grow soy to feed cattle
-71% of cut trees in Costa Rica is for cattles. Nepal lost half of it’s forests in 20 years due to this too.
-1 hectar or 2,5 acres are needed to raise only one animal
-in 1991, latin america exports 8 millions tons of soy just to feed cattles
-In 1989, astronauts saw from their spacecraft the smoke of thousands of fires : a surface of 2,6 millions square kilometers of trees burned in Amazonia. It was rainforests being cleared for cattle ranching.
-Since 1970, the destruction of rainforest in south america caused a waste of 1,5 billion tons of carbon dioxyde in the atmosphere

-An acre of orchard produces about 35 times as much food as an acre of livestock agriculture and twice as much food as an acre of grain

(If the link of the video doesn't work, go on

Nutrition Facts

Half of antibiotics goes to livestock. Pharmaceutic companies make billions by selling to agro-farming

Free, in nature, a cow can produce up to 5 liters of milk per day.
But confined by humans, and stuffed with drugs, a cow can produce up to 44 liters per day.

animals killed for food in the US only

27 billions/year
2 billion/month
700 000/ day
863/ seconds

  • British send 5000 horses to the slaughterhouse each year. In Canada, it is several hundred of thousands.

  • Sometimes as much as 90 000 chickens are in the same warehouse. The battery cages are worse. 
  • IBP, Kansas, the largest slaughterhouse in the world. 6000 cows killed every day. Trucks arrive all day long like in a vision of the Holocaust.
  • Each year in Canada and USA, over 7 billion animals are killed for their flesh. Excluding fish.

In 50 years, human pop. Doubled, but meat consuption 5 times
In 50 years, fish consumption went up by 600% in the U.S
Americans now eat as much chicken in a single day as they did in an entire year in 1930.

The average North American sperm count has dropped over 25% since 1975
The average American has stretched their stomach to 2 or 3 times its normal size.
Type 2 diabetes accounted for 2 to 4 percent of all childhood diabetes before 1992, but skyrocketed to 30 to 50 percent by 2004.
The prevalence of obesity quadrupled in the past 25 years among boys and girls

Currently 15% of the U.S. population. In minority youth, this statistic climbs to 20%.
Agri-business and food processing account for 60% of US oil consumption.
In 2006, 1.5 million Americans died from dietary related diseases at a cost of $800 billion.

  • Cholesterol: typical daily dietary intake is 200–300 mg in the United States and societies adopting its dietary patterns. 
  • A 2007 study pooling data on almost 900,000 subjects in 61 cohorts demonstrated that blood total cholesterol levels have an exponential effect on cardiovascular and total mortality, with the association more pronounced in younger subjects 

There is no cholesterol in plant-based foods

Allergies and Diseases
About three million Americans are severely allergic to soy protein, wheat protein, peanut protein and many other products used by farmers to grow their cattles. These animals would normally just eat grass and they are not designed to digest these types of foods. High concentrates of these foods go in milk and meat, humans eating these especially when fetus and kids become allergic.

Foods on the top of the food chain (fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc) contain 80 000 x more toxic products than those at the bottom of the fod chain (plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc)

At least 50 chemicals used in agro-business can cause cancers.

Meat usually contain 15 times more toxic residues than foods of the vegetal kingdom.

Plant/Meat comparision

There's not many vitamins, minerals and essential micronutrients in animal products. 
There's some decent amount of fat in many foods, not just butter, oils, etc. There's fats in lean meat too. Even cereals like oats, it's 16% fats. But, do you want that fat to be liquid and flow in your body and to be used as energy, or do you want that it stick in solid fatty matter into your veins, blocking the blood flow ? Think about it...  

See this video that explains all about animal products and their effects on our bodies.

Human: The Herbivore Animal

People who eat shark thins think it will preserve them from cancers, because sharks have less cancers than humans... 

People who eat brains from monkeys or cows think it will make them more intelligent...
If they could eat Einstein's brain they would do it...
I bet they don't know that Einstein was so intelligent without eating any brain, nor any other form of meat, in fact he was vegetarian. 

It is common to hear : "eat meat if you want to be muscular". Because people think : "eat muscles to have muscles. Eat proteins to have proteins." Of course. But their logic don't go any further than that. They don't seem to know that these animals gained muscles by eating grass. This is first order food. All proteins, in all food, including our own proteins, all come from plants. 
Vegetarian animals eat grass, grains, etc. Carnivorous animals eat vegetarian animals, to have some of the nutrients found in the vegetarian diet. Meat is a second order food. 

Most carnivore animals are weak parasites that have less stamina and strenght than herbivores. They are out of breathe after running for ten seconds and will not catch most of the preys. They need a factor of chance : to attack in the middle of a large group of preys so that they might catch a baby or one that is weak or sick. 
Hervivores, vegan and fruitarian animals are the strongest animals on Earth, with increddible strenght and endurance. Horses, donkeys, camels are used as slaves to do the work that humans are not able to do by eating meat, like pulling heavy loads over long distances. 

Some big herbivores and vegans : 
Gorillas, horses, rhinos, elephants, some of the largest dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus (about 40 feet tall) and the Stegosaurus.  

Some dinosaurs were carnivores (meat-eaters)(35%) but most were herbivores (plant-eaters) (65%). In any food chain, there have to be more organisms at the lower levels of the chain because the transfer of food energy is inefficient and much of the energy is lost at each stage of the process.

vbb forum - Nutrition

Some stuff I posted on the vbb forum, w/ some editing

My Training Log
My Food Log

Fasting can be a good thing. Prehistoric men were fasting for few days each time they didn't find food, it's good to regenerate the body. It cleans the organism, but it's especially the fact that you're burning fat, including toxic products stored in it. Some toxins are eliminated everyday, some are stored in internal organs. So after fasting/cleansing, when you start eating again it stores new, cleaner fat, more or less depending how much food you eat and how healthy are these foods. It's better to regenarate some of that fat every month, than to do a cleansing every 20 years or never. Never is too late...
Dr. Shelton said water fasting is the best cure against any disease or infection, because the body must concentrate on fighting the virus, not waisting energy on digesting food. The body still need energy, but takes it directly from fat storage.
Our bodyfat is pure energy, fat being more energetic than carbs and proteins. The usual people have more than 100 000 calories in fat waiting to be used.

Vegan since beginning of 2008. My nutrition is always evolving.

With at least 30 grams of complete protein per day you don't lose lean mass, that's a minimum standard for relatively sedentary people, with a normal amount of calories
You should eat more proteins (let's say 1g-2g/kg bw) if :
you train a lot, especially with weights
you reduce a lot your total calories intake
you have a huge lean mass
you have a serious injurie, requiring building new tissue
you are a pregnant woman or breastfeeding a child

They (so-called nutritionists) say that poisons are good. There was a time they were even saying that tobacco was good, also some were claiming that dirty water had miraculous healing powers, most modern medecine are made with poisonous plants.

Nothing ever proved those things work or are true. Of course, some substances have some effects on the body, that inhibits other poisons. But what's the point to counter a poison with another poison if it's only to end up with another poison in the body? But that's the kind of medecine the doctors have chosen to promote. None of these products are necessary good for health. Some say that all alcohols are good in small quantity, some other say it's only the red wine because of the antioxydants. Fermentation is poisonous and can't be compared to fresh grapes.
For something to be called a food, it needs to be beneficial for human health. Only good, not in part poisonous. Something cannot be a food and a poison at the same time, it's either one or the other. A food can't be beneficial below 2 cups per day and become a poison for more than 2 cups. But that's what they say about alcohol. They say it is good for the heart. Even if this is true, what's the use of drinking something that is good for the heart and poisonous for the rest of the body. Our body is not many organs working independently from each others. Everything work together, everything is linked. Something that is not good for the body is not good for the heart neither.

A poison in high dose is still a poison in small dose

Today, we see all poisons as good substances good for health : coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sugar, wine, medecine. All medecine are made in laboratories out of poisonous plants. Scientists search the Amazonia rainforests for the most dangerous rare plants to make poisons to fight other poisons and this is modern medecine.
If some nutritionnists say that coffee and tea helps to fight cancers and stuff because of the antioxydants, I really doubt that many vitamins survive in a cup of boiling water, even your own hand will almost die. Cells affected by drugs can become tumors.

the beginning of the end of everything

Facts from the movie "11th Hour"
Don't wait until it's too late

We increased Co2 by 30-35%, methane by 150%.
Methane has an effect 300% more powerful than Co2... 
(strange, I heard somewhere else it's 21 times more... anyway, it's still shit... don't eat meat)

Now, 20% of ice in the artic has melt
Speed and lenght of cyclones has increased by 150%

Asthma has increased of 30%.
A few decades ago, there was 0 asthma

90% of US forests are gone
70 countries have no more intact forests

Man see Nature as property
As if Nature as no rights

It would cost 35 trillions $/year to do with machines what Nature does for us, (pollenisation by the bees, breathing the Co2 with the trees)
Nature do all this for free
And it would cost us 35 trillions. But the sum of all economies of all countries equals 18 trillions $...

In the world, for each truck  of final products, there's 32 trucks of waste. 

99,9999% of all species that ever existed on Earth are extinct. 
If the planet had 1 year, humans started in the last 60 seconds. 

Do you really think that all those chemicals are not harming our health ?
The farmers are sich and die because of what they spray on their plants. 
Do you really think this is healthy?
The plants and the soil feed themselves with the chemicals and it goes into our bodies. 

Food, Exercise, Body and Mind

(some stuff here are from my posts on vbb forum. Some notions from Dr. Shelton in the second part)

I don't think there's a perfect workout routine. First, you find a program you like and you think it is perfect, then you don't like it anymore and replace it with another that match your new idea of perfection.

One thing people don't understand is that the brain values habits. If you repeat an exercise over and over for many years, of course you get better at it because you learn how to do it well and because the body adapts to this movement so it can perform it even better. I hear people say this :
my body responds very good with light weight and large repetitions. Also my body seems not to like too much cable excercises.

How would that be possible?
Is there a scientific proof that an exercise is better for the body of a person and less for someone else? It's only that doing lots of light weight, your body adapted to it and became more efficient than with heavy weight. It is you and the exercises that defines your body.

Is amazing that a lot of people can train years in the gym and never realise what is the best for their type of body.

It is probably that the person don't like to workout and the training is performed in an inefficient way, therefore the body doesn't adapt.

I don't think there's different ideal exercises for different bodies. Because we all have similar bodies: same number of muscles once adult age, same organs, etc. Of course there's some leaner than others, a lightweight can perform faster on a bike than a heavyweight. But you can change this with diet and exercises. We shouldn't use our body to decide which exercises are better, it's the exercises (and diet) that define the body. And the mind choose what it prefers. The body adapts. It is the exercises that defines the body, not the body that defines the exercise.
Of course, genetics change things a bit from a person to another, but not that much. Genetics can make someone grow muscles faster, or being stronger in general, but genetics will never make someone's body better at cable exercises and someone else body bad at free weights or bicep curls in particular.


Samething with food. Some say : I don't like carrots (that's just an example, in fact I adore carrots). Same body than someone who like carrots. The only difference is the diet for children, and even the mom's diet while the child was still a fetus, all this affects the personal tastes but doesn't change the body.
The fallacy that a healthy food for one person is a poison for another, is wrong.
They say this, but they all eat the samething: the same junks like meat, dairies, coffee, etc., everywhere in every house, restaurants, hotels all over the country, the same poisons, but they say "a poison for someone can be healthy for someone else", so they don't feel healthy to eat only poisons. They use this phrase as an excuse, like : "I smoke tobacco, my body likes it", or "I know for some people coffee is not good, but for me it is beneficial". Who would say that calcium or vitamin C is a poison for certain people ?


A poison is a poison for everybody, all humans and all animals. Even if certain animals can survive to amounts of poisons that has no effect on them while it would kill 3 humans, it's still not beneficial to those animals.

A poison in high dose is still a poison in small dose; it doesn't miraculously become good, it's still harmful, but less.

Today, we see all poisons as good substances : coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sugar, wine, medecine. All medecine are made in laboratories out of poisonous plants. Researchers look for the most dangerous rare plants in Amazonia rainforests and make poisons to fight other poisons and they combine this with another poison to counter the effect of the first one, etc... The more a plant is a powerful poison, the best medecine we consider it to be... while fruits and greens can cure everything except maybe the venom of a snake. I drink green tea but I'll never say it's good out of bad faith.

If some nutritionnists say that coffee and tea helps to fight cancers and stuff because of the antioxydants, I really doubt that many vitamins survive in a cup of boiling water, even your own hand will almost die. Cells affected by drugs can become tumors though.

Conversations w/ G-d

(from the movie... and book)

You are not to worry about making a living. True masters are those who have chosen to make a life rather than a living. Do whatever you really love. Do nothing else. You have so little time. How can you think of wasting a moment doing something foa a living that you don't like to do? That is not a living. That is a dying.

Rules for training

I must...:

Be happy, do not fear the training
Work hard, eat well, sleep well
Love to train, have fun
Contract muscle as hard as I can
As you isolate a group of muscle, use the abs as the center of energy, not the back.
All day long, always keep abs tight, good for posture.
Change program often, about every month.
Use all techniques...
reverse grip, rest-pause, high rep, low rep, slow rep, fast, isometric, angle variation, grip position, etc...

stuff 2 do...

Yoga, meditation, tai chi, martial arts: kung fu, jeet kune do, judo--eat well learn create travel make money make love share enjoy see discover listen dream watch read write take pictures draw paint... run jump walk lift throw pull push strike sweat sleep eat dream see relax...


I'm was so happy today (for no apparent reason) that I feel like I'll stay like this for the rest of my life. I guess I'll have to wait and see...

The deadly results of human madness

On the forum where I often post, I ("I'm Your Man") wrote about something I've read on internet:   

Did you know that many of the deadliest diseases in human history evolved from human proximity to livestock? Influenza, which killed 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic and threatens billions more today, evolved from poultry farming; smallpox, which wiped out tens of millions of indigenous people in colonial times, evolved from cattle farming. Most food poisoning, like e coli and Listeria, are also effects of livestock agriculture (...)

I’m Your Man
That's true and I would like to extend this to the notion of externalities when there are consequences (positive or negative) on third parties who are not involved in an economic transaction.
Concerning the meat industry they are only negative consequences. And I want to extend this not only to economy but to health, etc...:

-Ethic: The animals slaughtered don't chose to be involved in this, yet they are the base of all this, but they don't receive any money, on the contrary they pay the price with their lives.

-Environment: the planet Earth never said she agreed to participate in this killing but she pays the price too with the pollution of water, air, land, forests are being vandalized.

-The trees are being cut down to become pasture. All the animals that were in those forests don't have any place to live.

-State subsidies to support a mode of production deficient debt that the worker, consumer, business, government, and society as a whole). Those who choose to stay away from meat still suffer from a price increase of all the food due to the almost limitless quantities of grain wasted in the livestock.
-We also pay state taxes and federal taxes so the government give billions in subsidies to farmers and ranchers to support a weak mode of production based on waste

-Health : The infections, contaminations and diseases mentioned by RawVgn, as well as the mad cow diseases that easily jump the specie barrier and affect human health with Parkinson and Alzheimer. We drink the water polluted by the manures and wash our food with it. We eat plant-based foods that are grownt with infected manures used as fertilizers. If we eat those fruits or veggies raw we seriously put our lives at risk. Humans are paying the price by a decrease of air quality that we breathe, and so on, the consequences are endless in the life cycle because everything is linked.

Nature's way

I'm reading a fascinating book these days. By Dr. Herbert Shelton. Second book I read from him in French and I advice everybody to read his work. He's someone with immense common sense. So much that most people prefer to ignore him because they refuse to accept the truth. Modern scientists prefer to trust their experiences on rats to talk about human health. Well, let them continue to try curing with poisons a society that is becoming more and more sick...   I'll write some of my  thoughts after reading this book, but here's my impressions of the pages I've read last night :

  Carnivorous animals are out of breath after running 10 seconds, no stamina and no strenght. Take a close look at the endurance, speed and strenght and size of several vegetarian animals : horses, rhinos, gorillas, elephants. The gazelle escapes from the claws of the lions most of the times, due to superior speed, agility and stamina. These are the animals that survive to everything, while the carnivorous are weak, live upon others like parasites, eating corpses and are doomed to extinction.

Animal proteins are second class proteins, plants are the only thing on the planet able to synthetize their own proteins (except simple organisms), from the minerals in air, soil and water, and therefore everything else on Earth live on plants. Vegetarian animals eat plants. Carnivorous animals eat vegetarian animals. Humans can choose the clean source (fruits, greens, nuts) or the toxic wastes from nature (corpses) that are degenerative. Meateaters are poor and sad necrophagous, human graveyards.

My Blog

My blog is getting better -- But I need to make it better -- I'm writting on many different subjects--No reason to start a whole new blog for each matter -- But I'm writing in English, and sometimes in French my mother tongue -- and in which languages there's several subjects, being part of several Big Topics -- I should have a French blog, and a blog written in English -- I'm obsessed with perfection -- But I've learned that perfection can't be acheived since it wouldn't be perfection then, therefore perfection doesn't really exist, only an ideal of it -- Perfection is only in the Mind -- Then my tactic becomes different, forget everything, focus on the essential -- since Perfection don't exist in the real world and can't be acheived in reality, make it real and possible in your Mind. In fact it is the only possible way to achieve perfection... perfection in the real world is impossible, it is only possible in the mind -- Some people want to find perfection through complexity : a perfection of materiality in a material world, by having the largest amount of objects, they will never be happy because they will never achieve perfection in their mind or in reality -- The only way to acheive perfection is to forget about perfection, you're happy when your life becomes perfect -- imperfections are things we don't need -- have nothing but yourself and the vital needs : food, clothes and shelter-- do what you gotta do to fulfill your personnal life, love life, your life at work and your recreations -- I want to achieve perfection through simplicity and minimalism, purity and positivity -- of course, to achieve perfection and simplicity is not as easy as solving all materialistic problems, because many problems can occur in the mind too... it can be worse than any physical pain in the reality -- But the easiest way to clear the mind is to be satisfied of what you got, rely only on yourself, so  you can't be disappointed...
So I was saying about my blog... I don't aim for perfection as a final result, just perfection in every moment of the present : I must like each of my posts, otherwise why writing ? I should not think of my blog as a way to say all of the things I want to say now or later, just a medium to express what I feel at each moment. 

vegan cheese, sauce, pastas

I experimented to make a cheesy sauce with that :

(fat-free) soy milk (or other non-dairy alternative), nutritional yeast, cornstarch or potato starch, lemon juice, garlic, onion powder, mustard, paprika, turmeric, pepper, miso, tahini… Add oil, Veganaise, Earth Balance butter or margarine if you want fats.

corn chips with vegan cheese sauce

Nachos Cheese sauce
0. ½ c nutritional yeast
0. 3 T flour
0. 4 t corn starch or arrowroot powder
0. ½ t salt
0. 1 c water
0. 1 T olive oil
2 t Dijon mustard

Heat while stirring.

spaghetti with meatless tomato sauce

Tahini Rich Spaghetti

This is so good. Just add a spoon or more of tahini to your spaghetti sauce, or sunflower seeds butter if you don't have sesame. I like to add some curry spices too, chopped onions and yeast extract.

Why not adding some MEATBALLS on top of that:

different ingredients for vegan meatballs : bread crumbs, 1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 small onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
1-2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 lbs, Yves Ground-Beef style
3 Tbsp. ketchup
3 Tbsp. spicy mustard
3-6 Tbsp. Texas Pete brand hot sauce 
1/4 cup wheat germ
1/4 cup vegan parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper, to taste

some biscuits I've tried out

photo par organicbluespiral.

I changed this recipe a lot, added more chocolate chips, less pure fat, etc.

Chocolate chip cookies
(from vegcooking)

2 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 cup margarine
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
Egg Replacer equivalent of 2 eggs (Ener-G Egg Replacer works best, but you can also mix together 2 tsp. cornstarch and 1/4 cup water)
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
• Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
• In a medium bowl, mix together the flour, salt, and baking soda.
• In a large bowl, cream together the margarine, brown sugar, sugar, vanilla, and egg replacer mixture. Stir in the flour mixture and mix well. Add the chocolate chips and mix.
• Drop the dough by spoonfuls onto a lightly oiled cookie sheet and bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

veggie burgers

Some that I ate recently

There's all kinds of burgers you can make, you don't need to put a corpse between the bread, but use something more edible.
There's veggie burger, lentill burger, tofu burger, seitan burger, probably more that I never heard of. There's far more varieties of vegan burgers than traditionnal ones (choice of different meat, poultry or fish).

Sesame Burger

sesame burger

Cheese burger (with vegan cheese of course)

tofu burger

Use onions, spices, tofu, or grains or seeds or nuts or a legume of your choice, mix. make patties and heat ! No salmonella or E. colli risks if you don't cook it enough ; )

This simple recipe is pretty good:

1 tub extra firm tofu, mashed
1 cup oats
1/2 cup cashews, ground
4 tbsp soy sauch
Pinch garlic powder
Pinch salt
2 tbsp chopped onion

Mix all ingredients, form into patties, and pan fry.

You don't even have to stick to this recipe. I used macadamia nuts instead of cashews, and I've tried also without any nuts, all were good.

Cookies and other desserts

Those were really decadent. You could add also some vegan caramel inside. 

Recipe for Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Shells

chocolate peanut butter shells


Recipe for vegan snowballs, aka Russian tea cakes.

I found that these were too heavy and dense. I prefer the cakey ones, without all these nuts.

Oatmeal banana- chocolate cookies

oatmeal cookies

I made some with extra chocolate, that was divine:

chocolate madness oats cookie

Maple walnut cookies

almond milk and vegan cookies

I don't even remember where I got the recipe, perhaps it was this one. Anyway, these surely look good ;)

I found it tasted too much walnut. Use less walnuts for the dry mix. And on the top, put just a small piece of walnut, not half of it.
Put some raisins. It wasn't sweet enough. Add stevia, agave nectar, etc.
I don't use pure fat when I do recipes, so usually I substitute the margarine for tofu in salted recipes or with a banana in sweet recipes. A banana instead of all the fats is perfect and just common sense.

The dry mix. I added some maple flakes. 
dry mix for cookies

I tried those carob- chocolate cookies

carob-choco-ginger cookie

The carob chips burnt while the chocolate melts.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Squares

Rice Krispies chocolate squares

The wet mix : melting peanut butter, maple syrup and chocolate.

Peanut butter and chocolate melting

The Recipe here.