pancakes, French toasts and more

Some ideas for vegan breakfasts

fruit salad 

Fruit salad: Blueberry with bananas, or nectarine with banana slices. 


Crunchy eanut butter and raspberry jam. 


banana, jam, chocolate, peanut butter

Banana slices, dark chocolate in peanut butter, blackberry jam, agave nectar...

banana, jam, chocolate, peanut butter

banana, chocolate, jam
Pillsburry turnovers (the ones that are vegan are the apple one and the cherry one I think. Anyway it's disgusting, I had to add many things to make them edible.



Now this is super easy, quick, and delicious.

Just take the amount of bread (thick sliced is better) that you desire to eat. Soak them 5-20 minutes in soy milk (like one cup for 4-5 french toasts) with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. You can add a bit of soymilk powder too to make it more heavy, less liquid toasts inside. You can use other milk alternatives than soy.


Spray a pan or use a few drops of veg oil. Then heat 2-3 minutes on each side, using a bit of vegan margarine. Cook until golden and crispy on the outside but mellow in the inside.
Pour agave nectar, or maple syrup, strawberry jam, etc...
I loved French toasts before I went vegan, especially when I was really young. But sometimes it tasted eggs. Who honnestly like how eggs tastes !? everybody put a mountain of salt on their eggs or eat them with something else. 
One thing is sure, those vegan French toasts are the best ones I ever had in my entire life. It's not perfect every shot, sometimes it depends of the day, your mood, little details in how you prepare them that makes all the differences. But it's better than with fucking eggs that come from concentration camps or from sick cows.


French toasts


buckwheat crepe w/ chocolate, banana

Buckwheat pancakes and Breton crèpes recipe here
Just substitute tje eggs for an egg replacer.

breakfast buckwheat pancakes with molasses

With molasses

buckwheat pancakes with molasses

Good morning !

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