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Fasting can be a good thing. Prehistoric men were fasting for few days each time they didn't find food, it's good to regenerate the body. It cleans the organism, but it's especially the fact that you're burning fat, including toxic products stored in it. Some toxins are eliminated everyday, some are stored in internal organs. So after fasting/cleansing, when you start eating again it stores new, cleaner fat, more or less depending how much food you eat and how healthy are these foods. It's better to regenarate some of that fat every month, than to do a cleansing every 20 years or never. Never is too late...
Dr. Shelton said water fasting is the best cure against any disease or infection, because the body must concentrate on fighting the virus, not waisting energy on digesting food. The body still need energy, but takes it directly from fat storage.
Our bodyfat is pure energy, fat being more energetic than carbs and proteins. The usual people have more than 100 000 calories in fat waiting to be used.

Vegan since beginning of 2008. My nutrition is always evolving.

With at least 30 grams of complete protein per day you don't lose lean mass, that's a minimum standard for relatively sedentary people, with a normal amount of calories
You should eat more proteins (let's say 1g-2g/kg bw) if :
you train a lot, especially with weights
you reduce a lot your total calories intake
you have a huge lean mass
you have a serious injurie, requiring building new tissue
you are a pregnant woman or breastfeeding a child

They (so-called nutritionists) say that poisons are good. There was a time they were even saying that tobacco was good, also some were claiming that dirty water had miraculous healing powers, most modern medecine are made with poisonous plants.

Nothing ever proved those things work or are true. Of course, some substances have some effects on the body, that inhibits other poisons. But what's the point to counter a poison with another poison if it's only to end up with another poison in the body? But that's the kind of medecine the doctors have chosen to promote. None of these products are necessary good for health. Some say that all alcohols are good in small quantity, some other say it's only the red wine because of the antioxydants. Fermentation is poisonous and can't be compared to fresh grapes.
For something to be called a food, it needs to be beneficial for human health. Only good, not in part poisonous. Something cannot be a food and a poison at the same time, it's either one or the other. A food can't be beneficial below 2 cups per day and become a poison for more than 2 cups. But that's what they say about alcohol. They say it is good for the heart. Even if this is true, what's the use of drinking something that is good for the heart and poisonous for the rest of the body. Our body is not many organs working independently from each others. Everything work together, everything is linked. Something that is not good for the body is not good for the heart neither.

A poison in high dose is still a poison in small dose

Today, we see all poisons as good substances good for health : coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sugar, wine, medecine. All medecine are made in laboratories out of poisonous plants. Scientists search the Amazonia rainforests for the most dangerous rare plants to make poisons to fight other poisons and this is modern medecine.
If some nutritionnists say that coffee and tea helps to fight cancers and stuff because of the antioxydants, I really doubt that many vitamins survive in a cup of boiling water, even your own hand will almost die. Cells affected by drugs can become tumors.

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