Me and My Long Rant About Veganism, Animal Rights, etc...


A little girl ended up in a slaughterhouse, she was found holding the corpse of a calf, like a mutilated doll.

One carnivore asked me a question, in a human and polite way --which is rare. Why us, vegetarians and vegans, always feel the need to tell other people how to live? Saying it is a very superior attitude towards others. He continues with this :
If you are truly a person who seeks peace, then you would not be trying to push your beliefs onto other people. Ghandi said:

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right."

I do not try to force my beliefs on you, so what's your problem?

That's great. But I'm not forcing anyone or anything, just writing stuff. I'm not even an active activist for animal rights, not yet.You choose to read my words or not. You choose to try my doctrine on you if you want, to see if I'm lying or not. To quote Gandhi, he also said :
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

By some circumstances in my life, I came to a point where I finally understood something about life, animals, and my health. I changed, and became vegan. I'd like to share that discovery with others. But I can't make them change or even understand. It has to come from within their heart, I can only try to convince them to open their eyes and hearts, to at least try, so they could see another world that is presented to us with the milk and meat packed in cellophan in the grocery stores around the country, another world that McDonalds and Burger King show us. What's behind all this, it is kept secret. It is this that people need to see, the endless list of tragic consequences.

Cutting dogs in China
So here's my problem. The problem is that it is not only my problem, but the problem of everybody, of all inhabitants of Earth, animals included, and the problem of the planet itself.
If it was about wether or not to eat olives, that wouldn't bother me at all. But eating meat, dairies and eggs is something completely different.

Eventhough I don't eat animal products anymore, the fact that some other people do it concerns me. I don't like to mind the business of others and vice versa. But your business must not cause death and suffering all around.
The meat industry cause full of externalities. This notion applies to economy, ethic, health, ecology, etc. Rise of air pollution, water pollution, rise of healthcare, of violence, etc, etc...

You, meat eater, you contribute to the Holocaust of billions of innocent animals.
Thousands of animals are slaughtered every second, only in America.
I won't write all the numbers and statistics in this post, but see my posts labeled with "
Stats/Facts". Suffice it to say that the extermination of 53 billion animals PER YEAR is the biggest massacre that humanity has ever perpetrated. 

All those poor animals didn't chose to be the main participant involved in this industry of murders.
You chose for them, in the name of the so-called human superiority over other species.
That attitude of superiority is
specism, like racism, fascism, and sexism. (see the movie Earthlings on Google video)

All carnivore animals are murderers. All human carnivores kill or order killings by paying mercenaries. ALL MURDERERS EAT MEAT. 


They say: "we are omnivores", "we crave for meat", "we are carnivores", "we have canines", "cavemen ate meat", "humans are omnivores"... indeed they are, but they shouldn't be; they should be vegans, according to anatomy, physiology and biology; following the basic laws of life would avoid them their cancers and heart attacks. Humans are fruitarians. Humans are frugivores. Humans are whatever it is natural for them to be: Go in nature : will you pass a tree with fruits to go kill a cow? I don't think so.
Look, if you claim that humans are carnivore animals by nature, act like one, "walk your talk, or get back in your pram", like  Harley would say.  Go in the nature, go bite in the leg of a cow. Just try to kill an animal. You won't even be able to catch a squirrel. All you'll be able to kill are caterpillars, beetles and cockroaches. You'll have to eat ants, or a crushed skunk on the side of a road. But that's meat, so why don't you try it? Don't be so picky by choosing only lean meat and removing the skin, but rather eat the whole body, like real carnivores do. Meat eaters are ridiculous; you should eat the eyes, the brain, the sexual organs, everything, otherwise your diet will be incomplete. These body parts should be appealing to you.  You're supposed to be attracted by blood and rotten flesh, and you should enjoy to stuff your head in some stinky guts. Well, guess what, it's not the case...  We're primates, and just like apes,  the bonobos, the closest cousin related  to our specie, eats fruits, nuts, dark leafy greens, but no meat. If he eats animals, it's small insects, usually the ones that are on the greens, always a very small pourcentage of his diet. We have innoffensive bodies, except maybe Bruce Lee (who was a vegetarian), there is nothing agressive about how hands, our fingernails, our teeth. We are perfectly adapted to grab fruits in trees, we are not predators like lions and tigers.

Honnestly I don't see a huge difference physically when comparing my vegan diet to as when I was eating meat. But that's because it's hard to tell. It's many years ago, I had a different activity level too, and I made a long transition from omnivore to vegetarian for 5 years and then vegan. But I do see improvements in physical activities that I do, and I notice a big increase of energy. But don't be fooled; energy ain't only physical. I think part of my energy comes from the mind; being happy or depressed for instance, has a huge impact on your health, and not only mental health. Personally I feel way better with myself emotionally and intellectually, and happiness gives energy.      
I agree with what Jeremy Moore says here :
I like the fact that I can wake up every day knowing I’m not going to be responsible for killing others. I only wish those other people woke up every day thinking about they animals they kill on a daily basis.

Some say "I need meat" some others say "I don't need meat" some others say "I need coffee or I won't function normally" and some others say caffeine is poison. I don't believe in that crap "what's poison for someone is good for someone else", we all have similar bodies with nearly identical digestive systems. Just different calorie needs.

Someone eating raw meat and stuff said about veganism and raw vegans: "Idealistic diets don't work. The body isn't nourished on ideal"... well what do you think your diet of raw meat is for you ? (He claims his health dramatically decreased during his 6 months as a raw vegan, losing his hair and muscles) and what was your mindset when you were raw vegan? happy or persuaded you were making a mistake? To be fit you need to believe it. You can't be in shape if u don't believe it.

Socrate predicted that meat eating would cause wars. We're now cutting down trees in other countries to have more territories to grow and feed cattles for meat.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, as well as other naturalists before him like Thielden, said that meat eating automatically and inevitably lead to cannibalism eventually.
He was right.

PETA event

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Cholesterol is only in the animal kingdom. Fibres are only in the vegetal kingdom. Vitamins, oxygen, chlorophyll, enzymes are mostly in fruits and greens. It is obvious that the wise choice to make is to opt for foods offered by the nature. Not wastes of the nature, like the animal corpses that are the animal products you eat.

Do you wanna be guilty of 100 murders per year, as well as being constipated by eating food with no fibres at all, and to die prematurely of an heart attack or cancer ?? Think about it.


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