to answer other's opinion about veganism ::: like retards on Youtube

I used to be outraged by some people's arrogance, ignorance, stupidity and agressivity. Especially on YOUTUBE -- it seems like the most retarded, deprived of any intelligence meateaters all gatter up at YouTube and try to bash vegans, animal rights activists, or anyone else filled with intelligence, with their abherrant comments... Like there was this guy saying I made the biggest mistake of my life by becoming vegan and even cavemen would call me retarted for that ! Well, I wasn't even vegan for 80% of my life, before I decided to be vegan, and veganism isn't something we can't go back in case we see it's a "mistake" ! Besides, cavemen WERE vegans! They would only eat meat to survive, when there was no other food available, like during the Ice Age, or in certain areas of the planet. Even if cavemen WEREN'T vegans, so what? If you still wanna be cavemen, go ahead, but I prefer to evolve. Chose your model. That same person said I would have a brain if I'd eat meat. We notice it's the opposite that happens: if you don't have a brain, you eat meat. If you have a brain, you're enough intelligent to know it's not healhty and that it's unecessary cruelty. Like Einstein was a vegetarian, his brain was perhaps twice bigger than this Youtube lunatic. Meateaters like to believe that prehistoric men used to eat meat frequently. Well maybe that's because THEY DIDN'T HAVE A BRAIN ! Once mankind had a developped brain it began to install a complex system of agriculture and became sedetarian and vegan.

I used to answer to those idiots but their negativity affected me, not to mention they wasted my energy and time. I now have a totally different approach, a more calm attitude towards them and towards everything else in life. No need to stress about anything and certainly not be stressed because of some modern cavemen. Either I ignore them when I see they're desperate cases. Or I just provide a link or suggest I the title of a book, when I see the guy have some potential and will to learn and evolve. Sometimes I might even take a few minutes to respond when I see the person just doesn't know and it's not his fault but he's just a victim that needs help. It's fine with me if you wanna eat your meat litteraly filled with SHIT and E. Coli bacterias, but for Christ sake don't try to give it to me and to convince everyone it's good.

So one of my goal here is to blog regularly about veganism, as well as nutrition and health in general.

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