milk and osteoporosis

This is sad: another article on osteoporosis, but they are not saying anything new. They write: osteoporosis does not have to be 'an inevitable part of aging'. Well, with the advices they give, it will continue to be inevitable, because what they are telling to do (taking calcium supplements, drink milk, eat dairy products, fish, and other sources of calcium) is what people already do, but they are still getting osteoporosis - millions of people... they are all eating cheese, fish, etc. And no matter how much they will increase their calcium intake, it wont change anything for this disease. You know the milk advertisement and the question all nutritionists ask 'are you getting enough?' (milk, dairies)... well, eventhough people eat more and more of this, they are still saying its not enough, because diseases related to teeths and bones are still high and getting higher; so they say: drink even more milk. Thing is: too much is like not enough. What they nned to say is: eat less proteins, eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods give plenty of calcium, without excess of proteins. No matter how much calcium you get, if you eat too much proteins, your body will acidify itself and it will leak calcium out of your teeths and bones for alkaline minerals (calcium). As soon as you get too much proteins (and we dont need a lot... only about 10% of your total calories intake, while people get 20-25%... so eat about 30-40 grams of proteins a dayrather than 70-80+)... so as soon as you get too much proteins, you have a negative calcium balance, and taking a ton of calcium supplements wont change anything.

Milk, dairy products, fish, etc are killing people.

Check out those videos from a new documentary on the truth about milk !


ok, youtube deleted my account where I uploaded some videos describing meat-eating...That's too bad but i oppened a new one... and I can write here also anyway :)

meat-eaters eat an average of 85 animals per year. We kill an estimated 53 billion animals for food each year in the world, this number does not include fish and all marine animals, so that comes up to an estimated 100 billion animals annually. Add the millions of animals killed for fur and the dozens of millions animals killed for testing shampoo and other cosmetics or medications...

Flesh-eaters: necrophages = corpse-eaters... assassins, serial killers, mercenaries, brutes... eating meat without hunting: scavengers, sapotrophs, detritivores... Vampires, bloodsuckers, parasites, leeches, worms, vultures, carnivores, cannibals... killing animals / eating dead animals with no remorse: psychopaths, schizos... eating carcass: freaks, sickos...


ok I just have to rant about madness of society in little things, details that nobody would notice but its there: increddible amount of sugar -- when it is not necessary! -- I got this green tea bottle by Nestea -- they make adds saying its healthy and stuff, loaded with 'natural tea polyphenols' crap, but all there is in that is water and sugar - sugar/glucose-fructose syrup; 42g of sugar per bottle. If its for donuts and stuff, I understand it would taste crappy without sugar... but green tea tastes good naturally without any sweetening or just a little sweezed lemon or fruit juice. I regret I bought this but at least it wont happen again soon: I got at home some green tea leaves, ginkgo biloba, hawtorne, and I can even infuse them under the sun instead of putting boiling water on it. Then just some juice from a fresh grapefruit... got a nice, refreshing beverage perfect at anytime during the day.

rain, music, green tea, sun, energy, creativity

The other day I saw a woman buying BLOOD PUDDING at the grocery store. How pathetic and disgusting... People are vampires! Parasites, mosquitos, carnivores...


It rained since most of the summer... well it wasn't really 'summer' if it rains and if its cold almost everyday right? And then since 2 weeks its always really hot and humid, air filled with pollution due to smog... when too much is not enough... and then it rains again.
Anyways, I wont complain too much; I got a nice tan, I'm not working except if I want to, but I dont want to right now, maybe this week-end of next week, so I'm in vacation. And in about 2 weeks I leave for Europe, for my first ever real trip on my own. I went to Republics Dominican before but I was so young... A one-month trip to visit all the nice cities: london, paris, stockholm, etc...
...So now it rains, I'm at the main library of Montreal, listening and ripping some Cds of chillhout music, rap (ghost face killah, method man, and some french hip hop...). I'm blogging. Later today I'll go back home, chilling, maybe have an energy drink, then to the gym for full-body workout ending with yoga relaxation, then perhaps to vegan restaurant Aux Vivres. Life is beautiful. Soon (starting slowly today and then week-end and for the whole week ) I'll eat a clean vegan diet again, for cutting, detox, etc: mostly fruits, greens, green tea, hemp protein powder. I like the feeling it gives me, and increased energy despite the very low calorie, so I can focus on training, moving, create; healthy lifestyle.

some old text I've written offline

In 1950, there were almost 3 billion humans on Earth. In October 2009, we will be 6,7 billion. And in 2042, we will be almost 9 billion on this planet. So in 100 years, total population tripled: 3 times more water drinker, 3 times more food needed to feed all the mouths; 3 times more of everything, but still only one planet to satisfy everybody. Already millions of people dying of hunger in 1950. Will there be 3 times more people dying of hunger? Probably even more.
Las Vegas is built in the middle of the desert where there is not a single drop of water. There's still people arrousing their grass, but there's more and more people beginning to be aware that soon their city will face a tragic shortage of water and people won't even have water to drink or to wash themselves.


One day I was working with a boy of 16 years old or so. He went to McDonalds for lunch, and talked about pops many times throughout the day, eventhough I told him I'm not interested in that and I don't drink soft drinks or very rarely. He was talking about the cost of soft drinks and the quality of each brand, the different levels of carbonized water in each pop. Guess what he ate for dinner? McDonalds again. He bought a BigMac among other things. And of course he got acne.


I love all animals, even insects, but I don't like at all those that could eat me, and all those that suck my blood or attack me for other reasons then just for their defense. I understand a rhino that charge on me if I'm on his territory; he's afraid, he thinks I might attack him, if I show him I dont want to hurt him and I leave, perhaps he wont harm me. I don't like those carnivorous animals that will bite me just because they're fucked up in the head, just because they're natural born killers. I love plants but I wouldn't like if a fucking carnivorous plant eats me alive (I know its not really possible). Meateaters and other sickos eating corpses of dead animals in the form of a Big Mac... I hate those fucking vampires: bedbugs, ticks, catfleas that jump on you to suck your blood, red ants that eat you alive, fucking leeches, bats - all those blood suckers are ugly animals or is it just coincidence? - moose flies, black flies, mosquitos and other bugs that spread diseases, Aids and other viruses... intestinal worms, carnivores, killers and other predators,parasites and other calamities of this world that nobody likes. I mean I like cats, they're cute, and nice - when domesticated - but I dont like them when I see them having fun torturing a poor innocent mouse, totally terrified, pretrified with fear, her tiny heart beats so fast that it could explode, and those cats like that, they're not even killing the mouse, just hitting it with their paws and claws and teeths, playing for half an hour. What if I did the same thing to them, I'm sure they wouldn't like it, and I wouldn't like it either. For a few weeks I was being really stressed out because of work, and because of my cat itself always making noise because she was herself stressed of her first pregnancy, then she was stressed and acting insane with her new born kittens so sometimes I would throw my cat 5 meters away, I would just grab her suddenly and throw her, so she became afraid of me, and each time I was doing this I felt so bad for her and guilty, and she was getting even more stressed and unhappy, and me too, which is a sign that violence and brutality are bad. Good and Bad DO exist, no matter if there's a God or not, or justice, law, police, whatever: we feel fear, remorse, joy, these feelings represent abstract, yet real, values: good and bad. Yes death is natural. Yes a tiger killing an antilope is natural, but not necessarily good just because it is natural... Bad is natural too. But just because its natural doesn't mean we must do it. We can do the Good, natural way too.
I'd like a world without those parasites. If we cant make them disapear, at least let's change, us, humans that eat flesh like vulgar ogres.. come on, wake up ! are you so decadent that you eat some dead chickens with dead skin, dead muscles, with blood, nerves, and you always ask for more...