1000 Calorie Burger Made In Australia

Most people know that USA was the world champion for obesity. Almost 2/3 of the people are overweight (55%).
So yeah, Americans are #1 in many things, this included. But not anymore ! Now it's Australia. Since this year, it's inhabitants have the highest rate of obesity.
And now they have burgers like in the U.S.

"Negative publicity from health experts about a “monstrous” four-patty burger has apparently only fuelled demand for the 4520Kj snack, which has gone on sale in Australia this week.
“I thought I would give it a try – after reading about how many calories and how much fat it had in it,’ one man told ninemsn as he stood in a fast-food queue.
Health experts have roundly criticised the new Quad Burger from Hungry Jacks, which comes with four beef patties, four slices of cheese, two rashers of bacon, barbecue sauce, and two buns. It has no lettuce or vegetables.
The burger has more than 70g of fat".

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