Hidden Tears Behind the Iron Wall

Animals suffer, they feel emotions, pain, love; they need affection, they want to love and want to be loved. Animals can cry, as you can see in this video.  Tears of pain and sadness. A cow can cry because she knows she will die soon. A mother cow can cry the disapearance of her baby too. And the baby cries because she lost her mother. Watch 3:45 to 4:15.  Those 30 seconds should suffice to convince anybody to give up meat. Except if you're a psychopath and have no remorse and feel no emotions whatsoever... are you a psychopath? Stop paying mercenaries to the the job for you. If you do like meat, you should like it enough to eat it like real carnivore animals do: eat it raw, and the whole body, and no matter if it's dead since a few days under the sun. Don't say "oh I just eat lean meat", that's fucking sick. 

Hidden tears behind the iron wall
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