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Personnal views which I don’t agree with. They all reflect the opposite of my thoughts, so I don’t need to comment on most of them. Sometimes silence is the best. When someone says something stupid, remain silent, what he just said will as if it didn't hit his interlocutor and will rebound toward him, forcing him to face what he says, to think about it. Sometimes I will add just a quote from a great thinker that said something brillant related to what I just heard.

"If we believe absurdities, we commit atrocities"-Voltaire
"The custom is to accept any atrocity." -- George Bernard Shaw

Extreme stupidity is a weapon as powerful as irony is a great tool to serve a good cause. I just want to expose common sense to the world, by turning those comments against themselves.

Sometimes stupidity is so big it is funny, or sad, depending on who reads it. But one thing is sure, stupidity

-on dangerous new technologies that are still unknown, like the LHC (that could produce tiny black holes on Earth) and that are hasardous. We know that big accidents already happened : Tchernobyl, Bhopal, GMO’s, spacecraft explosions, etc. Should we or not risk people life in the name of science and progress ? Is technical progress so important or can we live (much happier) without any technologies even electricity ?
Youtube- autor unknown -
Wow, you are so terribly ignorant... without science we wouldn't have cars, electricity, healthcare and medicine, you favorites toys, hell you probably wouldn't even exist because there wouldn't have been enough food for all of us... We as species are so successful that within a couple of years we will reach a point where we are with so many that it really isn't going to matter at all if we are going to lose a few anyways. We are where we are now really mainly because of science.

-Posted by Brian W. about a text called “Have You Eaten Your Genetically Modified Food Today?” there.

As a biotechnophile (I wonder if anyone else has ever used that word...) it is my opinion that fear of GM foods is based purely on ignorance. I have to wonder how many of those people who hate GM foods even know what a gene does in general. I'd go so far as to say I dislike organic foods. For thousands of years humans have been breeding the nutrition OUT of crops. Farmers have always picked the plants with the highest yeilds to breed, but in order for a plant to make a bigger yield, it has to ditch some of its nutritional value. Today our staple crops are full of starch, and seriously lacking in protein. Genetically modifying these crops could put the nutrition back in them, among other things. So what if my wheat has a fish gene in it. All it does is make an extra protein that protects it from cold weather. It's not gonna taste like fish for god's sake. People also fear GM crops getting into the wild and contaminating the natural gene pool. To that I say: so what? A GM crops gets into the wild and....? Now we have the ocassional plant the can survive colder weather too. Big deal. To be sure we should move forward slowly, and we should test these GM crops carefully, but this irrational fear is foolish. Learn what a gene does (codes for a protein), and become less ignorant before you pass judgement on GM foods.

-Of course, I agree  with the comments of Heretic616:
Looks like a couple of Joe Six Packs responded. Let's see, Brian says we need to become less ignorant, but he says "Big Deal" if an unintended consequence of GE occurs that just happens to be beneficial. What about the other not so beneficial outcomes that you realize down the road. These changes are in some cases irreversible and self perpetuating. BTW it was a flounder gene placed into a tomato to keep it from freezing. I try to buy all organic thank you. At least there is a standard that still has some meaning.
I suppose you think it's "irrational or foolish" to require labeling all GE foods so that consumers can make a choice to be guinea pigs or not?
Senor Craig equates today’s laboratory gene manipulation field trials (experiments) with yesterdays grafting and crossbreeding. Are you serious? You think the motive is to feed the world's hungry you're mistaken buddy. It's about maximizing profit, sold under the guise of altruism. I'm sure you also bought "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and "Clear Skies Initiative" and "Healthy Forests Initiative" eh?
Science beating down religion? You've got it all wrong. The population crisis and most wars can attributed to your wonderful religions. I'll stick with science thanks but not Monsanto's irresponsible brand.

A guy who claims he’s an African Buddhist  wrote on his profile:

Books: Who wants to READ !?

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