In the GMO's debate, we hear often about the organic fields contamination by the genetically modified crops. But we hear less often about this theory (not so much of a theory we'll see) : the human contamination by GMO's. Samething, we're made of cells and proteins, just like a plant in a field.
Let me explain: GMO's contain proteins modified in laboratory with another organism inserted in it's genetic data. For soybeans it's a virus (yes, there's a virus in every GM soybean you may eat or that the cattles surely eat before they're transformed into meat). This virus, like most bacterias and simple organisms, synthetize their amino acids at a rate of around 14 amino acids per second. That's pretty fast.
Now, we know that each organism and each specie makes it's own proteins out of amino acids at a particular tempo. For humans, it's between 2 and 8 amino acids/sec, depending on which amino acid, but an average of 4.
When we eat GM food directly, or via animal proteins from animals that have been feed with GM food, those altered proteins enter our body and we become these, our body builds itself out of the amino acids it finds via nutrition -- "you are what you eat".

Therefore, (and it has been proven in a laboratory experiment where a human cell culture is affected by genetically modified proteins inserted in it), our body slowly contaminates, just like organic plants in a field where GM crops may invade by the wind, bees, birds and humans.

What we will witness will be our own accelerated ageing. More than double the speed. That's right, because our proteins will die and born at a faster rate : 14 amino acids/second instead of 4.

How come we're not already genetically modified ? What makes you think we're not ? How come there's no side effects ? What makes you think there's none ? Like the phenomenal increase in the rate of cancers during the past few years, as well as many other diseases. How how often we see articles on how to slow ageing by eating well, slowing down metabolism or eating less proteins.
What we should understand is that we don't become 100% modified in one day. We may be more or less 1% GM, depending on the amount of each person's consumption of GM foods. It takes time to be 5, 10 or 20% contaminated, just like for plants in a field, because we're made of many cells that regenerates. But once we have a few genetically modified cells in our body, in other words once the propagation has begun, and it's the case for everybody already, those few cells duplicates and the number of altered cells becomes larger and larger over the normal cells.
A sort of tumor, which is exactly what GM foods are.

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