what is a vegan ? I guess someone with a brain

Wow, just when I tough the world was coming to an end, it becomes even worst: many people don't even know what the word "VEGAN" means. Worst than that are their answers. They think a vegan is : an alien, a woman, a wrestler, a bug... Like, the first guy in the video, a Peace sign on his hat, and "united we stand" written on his t-shirt, but he never heard of the term vegan... I guess according to him the world should be Peace to humans, but who gives a shit about animals, or :"united we stand to kill animals" ... Noticed one of the only person that knew the answer is the only one that ain't fat. I wanted to write about good nutrition and veganism since a long time now, and I think this is the time to get started. Anyway, it's not hard: a vegan is someone who abstain from consuming/buying animal products.

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