The deadly results of human madness

On the forum where I often post, I ("I'm Your Man") wrote about something I've read on internet:   

Did you know that many of the deadliest diseases in human history evolved from human proximity to livestock? Influenza, which killed 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic and threatens billions more today, evolved from poultry farming; smallpox, which wiped out tens of millions of indigenous people in colonial times, evolved from cattle farming. Most food poisoning, like e coli and Listeria, are also effects of livestock agriculture (...)

I’m Your Man
That's true and I would like to extend this to the notion of externalities when there are consequences (positive or negative) on third parties who are not involved in an economic transaction.
Concerning the meat industry they are only negative consequences. And I want to extend this not only to economy but to health, etc...:

-Ethic: The animals slaughtered don't chose to be involved in this, yet they are the base of all this, but they don't receive any money, on the contrary they pay the price with their lives.

-Environment: the planet Earth never said she agreed to participate in this killing but she pays the price too with the pollution of water, air, land, forests are being vandalized.

-The trees are being cut down to become pasture. All the animals that were in those forests don't have any place to live.

-State subsidies to support a mode of production deficient debt that the worker, consumer, business, government, and society as a whole). Those who choose to stay away from meat still suffer from a price increase of all the food due to the almost limitless quantities of grain wasted in the livestock.
-We also pay state taxes and federal taxes so the government give billions in subsidies to farmers and ranchers to support a weak mode of production based on waste

-Health : The infections, contaminations and diseases mentioned by RawVgn, as well as the mad cow diseases that easily jump the specie barrier and affect human health with Parkinson and Alzheimer. We drink the water polluted by the manures and wash our food with it. We eat plant-based foods that are grownt with infected manures used as fertilizers. If we eat those fruits or veggies raw we seriously put our lives at risk. Humans are paying the price by a decrease of air quality that we breathe, and so on, the consequences are endless in the life cycle because everything is linked.

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