the beginning of the end of everything

Facts from the movie "11th Hour"
Don't wait until it's too late

We increased Co2 by 30-35%, methane by 150%.
Methane has an effect 300% more powerful than Co2... 
(strange, I heard somewhere else it's 21 times more... anyway, it's still shit... don't eat meat)

Now, 20% of ice in the artic has melt
Speed and lenght of cyclones has increased by 150%

Asthma has increased of 30%.
A few decades ago, there was 0 asthma

90% of US forests are gone
70 countries have no more intact forests

Man see Nature as property
As if Nature as no rights

It would cost 35 trillions $/year to do with machines what Nature does for us, (pollenisation by the bees, breathing the Co2 with the trees)
Nature do all this for free
And it would cost us 35 trillions. But the sum of all economies of all countries equals 18 trillions $...

In the world, for each truck  of final products, there's 32 trucks of waste. 

99,9999% of all species that ever existed on Earth are extinct. 
If the planet had 1 year, humans started in the last 60 seconds. 

Do you really think that all those chemicals are not harming our health ?
The farmers are sich and die because of what they spray on their plants. 
Do you really think this is healthy?
The plants and the soil feed themselves with the chemicals and it goes into our bodies. 

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