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My blog is getting better -- But I need to make it better -- I'm writting on many different subjects--No reason to start a whole new blog for each matter -- But I'm writing in English, and sometimes in French my mother tongue -- and in which languages there's several subjects, being part of several Big Topics -- I should have a French blog, and a blog written in English -- I'm obsessed with perfection -- But I've learned that perfection can't be acheived since it wouldn't be perfection then, therefore perfection doesn't really exist, only an ideal of it -- Perfection is only in the Mind -- Then my tactic becomes different, forget everything, focus on the essential -- since Perfection don't exist in the real world and can't be acheived in reality, make it real and possible in your Mind. In fact it is the only possible way to achieve perfection... perfection in the real world is impossible, it is only possible in the mind -- Some people want to find perfection through complexity : a perfection of materiality in a material world, by having the largest amount of objects, they will never be happy because they will never achieve perfection in their mind or in reality -- The only way to acheive perfection is to forget about perfection, you're happy when your life becomes perfect -- imperfections are things we don't need -- have nothing but yourself and the vital needs : food, clothes and shelter-- do what you gotta do to fulfill your personnal life, love life, your life at work and your recreations -- I want to achieve perfection through simplicity and minimalism, purity and positivity -- of course, to achieve perfection and simplicity is not as easy as solving all materialistic problems, because many problems can occur in the mind too... it can be worse than any physical pain in the reality -- But the easiest way to clear the mind is to be satisfied of what you got, rely only on yourself, so  you can't be disappointed...
So I was saying about my blog... I don't aim for perfection as a final result, just perfection in every moment of the present : I must like each of my posts, otherwise why writing ? I should not think of my blog as a way to say all of the things I want to say now or later, just a medium to express what I feel at each moment. 

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