Incredible comments on the web about veganism

Comments on MEAT, ANIMALS, VEGANISM found on the web.
Most of them were not adressed to me, I just found them under articles on the internet or videos. 
Some comments we find on the web are so aberrant we can't ignore them. I've seen worse than the next ones there, but I see new ones everyday and I will compile them to make a Best of here because the authors of those extravaguant litterary stupidities deserve to be recognized worldwide and published a second time.
All those different thoughts and divergent opinions on so many different subjects, coming from all sides of the whole wide world, it is an almost infinite diversity : people on the Internet form a virtual community that is so disparate and heterogeneous, I find that fascinating to read.
Some of the comments here are really grotesque, they're always interressant to read because they offer a study of anthropology. We often think that humans are an evolved specie but how can if so how can we continue to murder other species and our own specie, that is not intelligent at all. Let's read what our brillant omnivores have to say about this.

from Javon133 on youtube:
ppl can eat meat if they want

from falling4j on youtube
You know, I have a dog and a cat. I love them dearly. I like my cows, but God put them here to feed us. If we all stopped eating meat then the hunger would be the problem. It would not be possible to produce enough food to feed the world without havinf meat fish and poultry. At some point you have to be realistic. If you want to try to save the animals then good luck. It will never happen so you are wasting your energy. Spend it on something worthwhile like the abortion issue, or reducing crime.

From the same guy
AGAIN, it is not your business what I eat. You assume that I buy meat from the store. You are wrong. I own 9 chickens, 2 turkeys and 14 cows. I buy pigs each year & raise them for the freezer. Our animals are kept in VERY clean conditions. When slaughtered it's done by a bullet. It is instant and they don'tsuffer. So get off of your bandwagon and mind your on business. If you spent as much time learning English as you do whining on You Tube, we would be able to understand what your writing.

This is again from the same guy who love God but likes to continually violate the Sixth Commandment "Do Not Kill"

If you want to discuss choice, then let's talk about abortion. You need to spend your time trying to save the lives of those babies being killed instead of trying to get people to stop eating meat. It will never happen.God made a FOOD CHAIN. GET IT?????

Right, the food chain : eat fruits and greens.

as a vegeterian, I eat fish because I know I would be able to kill them, not like bigger animals

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