the relation between movies and actors

Here's some of my favorites. I just love their personality in real life, or the characters they chose.  

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I love the freedom that emanates from James Dean. In movies he was faithful to his true image. It's all about authenticity. He wouldn't have been able to play a role too different.

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Marilyn Monroe is simply too beautiful. But of course it's not all there is about her. It's more about the beauty and passion that she express and her spontaneity. Her way to talk, look, move, think. -

Sandrine Bonnaire avec cigarette
La liberté d'Etre soi-même...
Confidences trop intimes

Sandrine Bonnaire is a lovely, beautiful and intelligent French actress.

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Now Juliette Lewis is quite different form the others above ! or the actress here that ressemble most to her is Marilyn. With Juliette, it's all about innocence. She's crazy and innocent as a child. She's probably not the most brillant of girls on the planet, but she's very special, energic, outrageous, and I just find her cute. Provocative with class. She often plays roles of a simple minded girl, or just a simple and lovely girl like in "What's eating Gilbert Grape?". And she's like that in real life too. That rule applies to most good actors. I guess it's a way to be even more credible. While of course some actors can play very different roles from their real life and from a movie to another, like Marlon Brando for instance.

Of course, the movies these actors chose to play in is an important factor of their quality of acting. Despite the most horrible screenplay or directing, even the best of all actors cannot do miracles and the overall acpects of the movie will greatly harm the performance of the actor. But, the fact that those actors chose to play in those excellent movies stems from the fact that they are great artists, and this results from being great human beings. That is what we call being an Artist of Life. Or simply someone that masters his life and destiny... there's no destiny, the person creates it herself everyday.
Finally, the relation between the movie and the actor, or the director and actor. Both work together to unite and form a piece of art. One needs the other, otherwise the film sucks.
The movie is good for the career of the director and the actor too. That is why actors need to chose their projects wisely and trusting their instinct sometimes, and also why directors need to chose the right actors.

I used to have a huge collection of movies, a large selection of bought or copied DVD's and VHS. But events in my life have made that I got rid of most of them. I still own a few, and there's still a few I want to own. The minimum. I don't want to carry too many objects and attach to them.
Those are the ultimates -- to me. I know some of them are really not considered as masterpiece or classic. It's just that I love the themes or the actors. Eventhough the technical aspects may not always be perfect or mastered, it is because it wasn't that important for the story or that film in particular, and it doesn't matter when the movie speaks to me.

See a more complete list of my fetish movies.

-2001 a space odyssey
-taxi driver
-the fly (cronnenberg)
-crash ('94)
-rebel without a cause (a few other james dean movies)
-Koyaanisqatsi (and powaqqatsi, baraka and other films with beautiful music and landscapes)
-the tenant (polanski)
-the fountain
-bruce lee movies
-blade runner

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