Juice Fast

Banana-Berries smoothie. Strawberry juice...
coconut-date-vanilla-almond smoothie
photo by organicbluespiral

a smooth, refreshing tropical taste...

From 16th of June to 16th of July, I was on a 1 month juice fast, or juice feast, or liquid diet, call it whatever you want. I lost 10 pounds during the first 7 days. 2 1/2 lbs the second week, another 2 1/2 lbs the 3rd week, and stayed at the same weight on the 4th week.
Basically, what I was ingesting was fruit juices and fruit smoothies. I don't like green blends so I was making some avocado cream with spinach and kale.
The purpose of all this is to clean the body with easy and more efficient digestion and the fact that it's 1005 raw fruits and greens. Also, we tend to take less calories that way then when we chew solid foods because it's addictive.
During the last weeks of that I was craving for solid foods, but once it was over I didn't really want junk foods that much and was continuing eating clean foods like fruits. After a few weeks though I started eating chips and stuff.

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