Human: The Herbivore Animal

People who eat shark thins think it will preserve them from cancers, because sharks have less cancers than humans... 

People who eat brains from monkeys or cows think it will make them more intelligent...
If they could eat Einstein's brain they would do it...
I bet they don't know that Einstein was so intelligent without eating any brain, nor any other form of meat, in fact he was vegetarian. 

It is common to hear : "eat meat if you want to be muscular". Because people think : "eat muscles to have muscles. Eat proteins to have proteins." Of course. But their logic don't go any further than that. They don't seem to know that these animals gained muscles by eating grass. This is first order food. All proteins, in all food, including our own proteins, all come from plants. 
Vegetarian animals eat grass, grains, etc. Carnivorous animals eat vegetarian animals, to have some of the nutrients found in the vegetarian diet. Meat is a second order food. 

Most carnivore animals are weak parasites that have less stamina and strenght than herbivores. They are out of breathe after running for ten seconds and will not catch most of the preys. They need a factor of chance : to attack in the middle of a large group of preys so that they might catch a baby or one that is weak or sick. 
Hervivores, vegan and fruitarian animals are the strongest animals on Earth, with increddible strenght and endurance. Horses, donkeys, camels are used as slaves to do the work that humans are not able to do by eating meat, like pulling heavy loads over long distances. 

Some big herbivores and vegans : 
Gorillas, horses, rhinos, elephants, some of the largest dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus (about 40 feet tall) and the Stegosaurus.  

Some dinosaurs were carnivores (meat-eaters)(35%) but most were herbivores (plant-eaters) (65%). In any food chain, there have to be more organisms at the lower levels of the chain because the transfer of food energy is inefficient and much of the energy is lost at each stage of the process.

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