Nature's way

I'm reading a fascinating book these days. By Dr. Herbert Shelton. Second book I read from him in French and I advice everybody to read his work. He's someone with immense common sense. So much that most people prefer to ignore him because they refuse to accept the truth. Modern scientists prefer to trust their experiences on rats to talk about human health. Well, let them continue to try curing with poisons a society that is becoming more and more sick...   I'll write some of my  thoughts after reading this book, but here's my impressions of the pages I've read last night :

  Carnivorous animals are out of breath after running 10 seconds, no stamina and no strenght. Take a close look at the endurance, speed and strenght and size of several vegetarian animals : horses, rhinos, gorillas, elephants. The gazelle escapes from the claws of the lions most of the times, due to superior speed, agility and stamina. These are the animals that survive to everything, while the carnivorous are weak, live upon others like parasites, eating corpses and are doomed to extinction.

Animal proteins are second class proteins, plants are the only thing on the planet able to synthetize their own proteins (except simple organisms), from the minerals in air, soil and water, and therefore everything else on Earth live on plants. Vegetarian animals eat plants. Carnivorous animals eat vegetarian animals. Humans can choose the clean source (fruits, greens, nuts) or the toxic wastes from nature (corpses) that are degenerative. Meateaters are poor and sad necrophagous, human graveyards.

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