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I must say that all this is true. I've been eating raw for a couple of weeks during last summer and I must say, I was amazed how little sleep and rest I needed, between 4 and 5 hours instead of 6-8... That means that my body was able to recover faster, and I was feeling full of energy as soon as waking up, instead of being tired for 2 hours after I stumbled out of bed. My muscles were refreshed from the weight lifting or bike ride the day before and during all day long my mind was clear.

Raw Food Diet - What's The Big Deal About Raw Food?

Here are a few of the many reasons (from http://raw-food-diet-guide.com/):

* Raw Food tastes better. If you're into gourmet and blessed with sensitive taste buds, Raw Food is the only way to satisfy your true commitment to decadent dining. After Raw Food, cooked food tastes like cardboard.

* Raw Food is a massive time saver. Once you get the hang of Raw Food Diet planning/preparing, you'll be amazed at the time you save cooking and cleaning. Since Raw Food is easier to digest, you'll sleep better and sleep less, giving you more productive hours. Your big win is your increased quality of life and longevity.

* Raw Food is a massive money saver. Raw Food is nutrient dense which means you'll eat less, so you'll buy less. Raw Food dramatically transforms mental ability, so you'll be on a faster track to turning your $1,000,000 ideas into a lifetime of $1,000,000 cashflows.

* Raw Food is enzyme rich. Enzymes are the spark of life. Bodies work on priorities revolving first around enzymes. As an example, the pancreas can produce either metabolic enzymes to fight Cancer or digestive enzymes to break down cooked food. When cooked food is present, the pancreas stops producing Cancer fighting enzymes and shifts it's entire energy to producing digestive enzymes. A sobering thought, if you're planning a long, comfortable life.

* [Many raw food items], when ripe, are alkalizing. If blood and lymph become even slightly acidic, bodies transition into emergency mode. First Calcium is leeched from bone. If this fails, over production of cholesterol begins and cells pack cholesterol in cell walls to cut off fluid exchange with the acid. The familiar cycle begins - Insomnia, Arthritis and finally full blown Cancer. Continuous emergency mode operation creates adrenal/thyroid exhaustion and sets the stage for Insomnia. Calcium leeching sets the stage for Arthritis. Cholesterol packing sets the stage for Cancer by cutting off nutrient uptake and toxin elimination.

* Raw Foods protect against protein poisoning. Many people have fallen prey to the "to little protein myth". They continually focus on and over eat protein which results in acidosis (highly acid body fluids). During our life cycle we mature fastest between birth and 18 months when our only food should be mother's milk which is 3-5% protein. When we are mature, we require even less protein as we've finished building on our primary bone and tissue. The abundance of high quality, protein in greens, nuts and seeds is perfect to keep our body running at peak performance without the protein poisoning problems of fish, foul, meat, dairy, rice, grains and soy.

* Raw Foods retain nutrient integrity. Heat denatures (renders toxic) even the highest quality food nutrients. Denatured nutrients setup small imbalances which accumulate and amplify over entire lifetimes. When you hear someone has died of "natural causes", this usually means one imbalance has intensified so far, death has resulted. Years ago I read a research paper stating 99% of non-accidental deaths from less than 5% tissue failure. In other words, small imbalances lead to small failures of tissue, which result in most deaths.

* Raw Food promotes ethical treatment of animals. Visit any commercial farm, fishery, hatchery or meat packing plant and if you have a conscience, you'll be a Raw Fooder for life. Nothing like the torture of small animals to put you on the Raw Food Diet for life.

From Zahira: I haven't been raw fooding it for very long but I'm already hooked on this way of living. It has made such a difference in my outlook on life. It is a naturally cleansing diet so harmful substances are literally washed away from the body. Raw foods are the most delicious, rich, and beautiful foods on the earth. I encourage anyone, EVERYONE, no matter how skeptical you are to try a raw food diet for 1 week and assess how you feel.

Some people consider a raw food way of life extreme. To this I say that what people consider to be "normal" eating habits in the United States are the true extremity.

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