Bonheur, voie de la sagesse

L’important dans la vie est de faire toujours de notre mieux. Le meilleur est suffisant. Best is enough, comme disait Jet Li. Autre chose importante, le plaisir. Bien sûr, la quête du plaisir est une chose interdite et dangereuse selon les bouddhistes, qui entrave au bonheur. Mais je parle d’une autre sorte de plaisir. Le simple fait de toujours ressentir un bien-être, une légère joie, à tout moment de la journée, peu importe ce que nous faisons. Et ne rien faire qui puisse remplacer ce sentiment par un sentiment de culpabilité, de remord ou de colère. Ne rien manger non plus qui puisse nuire à ce bien-être. Il y a des aliments qui nous font du bien, d’autres qui nous nuisent.
Le malheur, le fast-food, les maladies, la paresse, l’apitoiement sur soi-même, sont la voie de la facilité.
Le bonheur n’est pas facile, c’est un chemin qui demande apprentissage de la vie, patience, courage, persévérance, et qui amène découverte de soi et du monde qui nous entoure. Un chemin qui ouvre la voie sur la santé, la forme physique et mentale, la sagesse, le bonheur.
Le bonheur est à la fois le chemin et le but. Le chemin est le but – le but est le chemin.

À tout moment, on peut décider de s’améliorer et d’avancer dans notre vie, ou bien ne rien faire et stagner, ou encore se dégrader et se faire honte à soi-même et face aux autres.

Dans la vie il y a des choix importants à faire. Il y a des choses à garder, d’autres à supprimer ou remplacer. Le stress est une chose complètement inutile et nuisible, sans aucun avantage, elle est donc à supprimer. Les deux causes de maladies sur lesquelles nous avons un pouvoir d’agir sont la mauvaise alimentation (malnutrition ou sous-alimentation) et le stress. Les deux autres, sur lesquelles notre pouvoir est plus limité, sont le facteurs génétiques (l’hérédité, la qualité des gènes des parents) et les infections virulentes. Mais même là, ce sont deux choses sur lesquelles nous pouvons agir. En faisant attention à votre propre santé par une alimentation adéquate et une activité physique adaptée, de un : vous transmettrez des forces à vos futurs enfants plutôt que des faiblesses; de deux : vous renforcez votre système immunitaire et vous réduisez vos chances de contagion par des pratiques d’hygiène adéquates.

The Shit Blog

Some FACTS about SHIT

While reading this, please bare in mind that : Methane from livestock is 20 times more nocive than Co2

(Source: the film from Bunuel "The Phantom of Liberty")
Each day the population increases, and 7 billion people produce and release huge quantities of waste of all kinds: insecticides, detergents and other toxic chemicals … not to mention all body wastes. An individual frees 3 pounds of shit per day. This is 10 billion pounds per day. Yes, 10 million tons of excrement a day. And they are extremely toxic waste, whose effect is reinforced by the presence of chemicals.

The following facts are drawn from Diet for a New America by John Robbins.

In the US, farmed animals produce 130x more excrements than the entire human population : 86 000 pounds per second. That’s 309 600 000 pounds per hour, or 139320000 kilos. Where does all this shit go ? in the air, soil and water.
Production of excrement by total U.S. human population: 12,000 pounds/second
Production of excrement by U.S. livestock: 250,000 pounds/second
Sewage systems in U.S. cities: Common
Sewage systems in U.S. feedlots: Nil
Amount of waste produced annually by U.S. livestock in confinement operations which is not recycled: 1 billion tons
Relative concentration of feedlot wastes compared to raw domestic sewage: Ten to several hundred times more highly concentrated
Where feedlot waste often ends up: In our water

Manifestly the situation is critical and it is urgent to act now. We'll soon be 9 billion people on Earth and if we keep the same eating habits it will become horrible. I told some fact like that to someone and he said : "you shit too", sure, and you too. But the point is that the cattle we feed just to fill the stomach of a human fat ass is unacceptable because it pollutes our environement with astonishing amounts of methane and fecal matters, FOR ABSOLUTLY NO REASON, except to satisfy the tongues of some capricious beings. It cannot be compared with us, who eat to live and there for we shit as a result.

(All this is so ridiculous so much it is tragic...)

Shit from cattle pollutes 100 times more than human waste
Each ruminant delivers 60 liters of methane per day
There’s too much shit from cattles that groung cannot support it anymore. We drop it into water, becoming more and more toxic and polluted. The bacterias turns its amoniac into acid that evaporates. Combined with nitrous oxydes from chimic fertilizers you get ACID RAIN.
Just one cow makes 23 tons of droppings every year
10 pigs make 21 tons of shit/ year

online videos and movies

After I posted something controversial, another forum member suggested me to watch that movie Here Be Dragons. While the sub-title seemed interesting : An Introduction to Critical Thinking, I found the movie itself don't concerned me at all. I'm not one of those victims of nutritional supplements, astrology, etc. I don't know what that person was insinuating but whatever. I'm someone who's aware of this pseudo-science since many years. I used to be a less skeptical person long time ago, too naive. But not anymore. 

  Here's some websites for better movies than this Here Be Dragons thing:

First, Google Video. Will give you videos from all different websites.

Youtube of course. Here's the occasion to see good documentaries like  The World According to Monsanto, the worst company ever, that created the Agent Orange that was used to spray over Vietnam during the war, and now this company recreates our food with their patented GMO corn, soy, etc and their chemicals used as pesticides and insecticides. 
See other movies on my utube playlists.  

 Some good films on

 Other documentaries on

Movie previews (independant and Hollywood blockbusters) -

videos of music, film, video games, entertainment, martial arts and sports, etc on Spike TV.

Videos of all kinds (movies, news, music...) on this French website


My cousin made me discover this artist called Blu through his fabulous website: . There's the Blu Blog, which I haven't checked yet, and other things, but the videos, there's some incredibble animation films there! Check MUTO, it's animated with painting on public walls, but GIANT painting, sometimes several meters high. I don't know how much time it took but that's quite impressive.

vegan bodybuilding forum

I now have 1000+ posts on my active on this forum.

 Some of my favorite topics :
 Vegans short on 3 nutritents Meat eaters short on 7 Excerpt: From
 "So when a meateater asks you "Where you get your B12?" You can counter with "Where do you get your vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, folate, and magnesium? And while you're at it, you can ask them how they keep their sodium, saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol intake under control (not to mention their weight).[5] "

 This shows Protein powder comparative amino acid analysis

Something I wrote about the power of healing the body has : "Dr. Herbert S. Shelton says there is no medications, no pills or herbs that are useful and that they only exist in the imagination of people. The body itself is the cure. Trying to cure a disease is a non-sense. It's the disease that is healing the patient. The diseases don't really exist, only their symptoms, it is not logic trying to stop the healing because it is only the body trying to detoxify.
It is the "disease" that heals the patient, like diarrhea that cleans the intestines, fever dotoxifies the tissues, acne that purify the blood. Acne makes toxins go out of your body by the skin.
So basically don't put any cream, even from natural substances, on your skin that is supposed to have the capacity to block acne. Now, what you need to do is simply find what cause the acne. It may be a food or many foods. Are you vegan? Often it's caused by dairies. But it may be also common allergens like wheat, soy, peanuts, etc. Or excess of saturated fats in your diet, like too much nuts? I'm not a specialist, there may be many causes. Stress too.

Also, there are no foods or superfoods that cure, they only allow the body to fonction normally, so it can be able to heal itself. But the bad foods are poisons, that puts the body in a constant stress and can never fully recover."

my blood

Yesterday I donated blood. The donation took place in the church of the village.  Because it was my first time, they put a sticker on my t-shirt that says: "New Donor". I was the only one with this sticker. Other donors were looking at me that way :"good boy". While I was giving blood I never felt like if I was saving the life of someone, but I knew my blood was leaving my veins and would be in someone else's veins in a few days. I was feeling like if I was a participant in some strange experiment: "the Re-shaping of the Human Body by Modern Technologies" or if I was joining some underground vampire club. I felt I was part of a vast traffic of body fluids.  Often, someone is forced by the members of his family or co-workers to give blood "what do you have to lose? are you scared? Give your blood, some people need it more then you do". Today, people exchange their fluids and bodyparts like we do with cars. And people who don't do so are seen as murderers.

Movies I Saw 2

Films que j'ai vu dernièrement : Movies I saw lately:  L'âge des Ténêbre I didn't like it. Just a batch of sketches that are not even funny and it becomes really repetitive. - Vantage Point yeah I liked it, suspence-thriller that never stops - In Bruges it was ok, a bit slow rythme but not too slow, good  dialogues- Over the Topahah this was funny, with Sly Stallone, the final match with the close-ups is quite something 2 see - Bella - Romulus, My Father - Tracey Fragments This was very inventive, visually, while the screenplay is only mixing up the scenes, the story is too simple -- just a girl looking for her disappeared young brother. But again, visually -- multiple split screens editing -- very impressive. - Shutter  that was ok, not bad at all. - Insanitarium - Punisher I&II the first one sucks, the second one rules! - The Bank Job I liked it! not the typical explosion-packed Jason Statham flick - Born to Fight the stunts in this movie are INSANE! - Funny Games not better nor worse than the original. Just a good reflexion on violence and it's relation to enternainmentsNever Back DownThis was actually way better than what I feared judging by the critics. Of course it's just another teen movie, but better than most of them. 

president of the US

Hahaha this is so funny! ::: The Vancouver Sun:
"George W. Bush gulping booze from a funnel. Sauntering into jail wearing a Yale sweatshirt. Dancing on a bar with a curvy blond. Driving on to a lawn with a lit cigarette in one hand and crashing into a garbage can on the way.
This is the U.S. president Oliver Stone wants you to know."
see the trailer. While he's still the president, there's already a movie about him. I think this is a premiere, what it's gonna be after his presidency? There was even a movie about his assassination, Death of a President. I just hope Oliver Stone's film is making fun of Bush. 

movies saw

I've been working in a rental video store for about 3 months and was bringing about a dozen of movies 2 see at home each week. I guess I must have seen over 200 movies lately. Here's some of the ones I enjoyed the most:   

Klimt: Ruiz film about the painter, for people who love arts and unconventional filmmaking.
Giant : the classic with James Dean, already saw it before of course.
Strings: animation movie with puppets. Didn't really like it but it's different from most movies.

Manufactured Landscapes: awesome documentary. "Photographer Edward Burtynsky travels the world observing changes in landscapes due to industrial work and manufacturing".

Edmund : wow, this is an incredible movie. Violent, crazy, but lots to think about and wonderful actors. Written by David Mamet.

The Host: Korean movie about a monster in a river. I liked it, good action scenes and funny moments, and even a subtile critique/metaphor about USA!

La Brunante : French-Canadian movie, I doubt you can find this one distributed near you, but good actresses, it was a good drama about life, friendship, death.

Vitus: movie from Switzerland. The first part, it's just another movie about a kid who's a genius. But then, a surprising twist. Really good.

Once: incredible music ! 2 scenes espescially. Won an Oscar for best song. Eventhough I'm not really into music creation, I liked it very much. Well done with low budget. It feels real.

Before sunrise: I prefered this one than it's sequel Before Sunset. Eventhough I don't really like Ethan Hawke, especially in Before Sunrise, Julie Delpy is so amazing, samething with the screenplay, long shots, etc... -Communion : '80's movie with Christopher Walken, best alien movie I've ever seen

-Pirates : by Roman Polanski. Not so good but funny and I like Polanski's work

-The Great Debaters : Denzel Washington's second effort as a director, about racism, KKK, black students and white universities... really good.

-Enlightenment Guaranteed (English title): this was so funny, a social satire showing how pathetic our society is, people are so materialist, with their cell phones, and eating Big Macs. Not different in Japan, where two German brothers go for a trip to visit a buddhist zen monastry and end up begging in the streets and sleeping in a tent near trains.                               The Tattooist : ok drama-thriller with supernatural phenomenons, spirits, etc. Good movie if you love tattoos.
10 000 B.C : better than what I thought
Immortal : nice French animation movie
Savage Planet: be careful don't watch this one it is of the worst movie I ever saw. Really bad, especially the cheap special effects made on computer.
Shiri: kind of korean Nikita
Colour me Kubrick: this was so funny. John Malkovich portraying a crazy guy that make believe he's filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Based on a true story.
King of California: reading the synospis I thought it would have been better
Be Kind Rewind: So funny and lots of creativity. It was shot in a small American town and the people in the movie are the real citizens. I love Michel Gondry, a French director that made lots of beautiful music videos such as Bjork's. He made good movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep.
The Other Boley Girl: good drama about the rivality between two sisters for the king of England. One of them gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I.
Rambo IV: I liked it even if it's really violent. I have nothing against violence in movies, it's better to have a dose of fictional violence than causing real violence. Catharsis effect. It's the same story than before, but Stallone adds another dimension as a director director, samething with his latest Rocky. He adds some humanity in a subtile way to old characters.
The Bucket List: comedy with Jack Nicholson. Conventional, academic but still good,
The Take: very good thriller with nice pursuits, actions scenes and drama.
The Contract: not bad. Good thriller in nature.
Tideland: Terry Gilliam movie but Canadian production lol. It's like Alice in Wonderland but more mature, with some junkies, etc. I found it a bit boring, like his other movie about childhood: Munchasen
Toi: a French Canadian movie about sex, love, relationships and separation. Good
The Undisputed I & II: first one : When heavyweight champion James 'Iceman' Chambers lands in prison, the resident gangster arranges a boxing match with the reigning prison champ (played by Wesley Snipes). it wasn't, the actors are doing a good job. But second one was better: this times is with mixed martial arts and in a prison located in Russia. All the actors are great and perform the stunts themselves. Great fight scenes even if over the top.
Normal and Waiter : two awesome foreign movies (England and German I think) Great screenplay. City of Men, sort of sequel to City of God, about the gangs war in Rio de Janeiro.
Awesome movie. The shooting scenes with over 50 kids with guns in the streets are impressive. The Snake... not very good but it was OK. A L'Interieur (Inside):That was hardcore. Pure carnage. blood everywhere. Truly disturbing scenes. It's feminine horror, gore, with scissors and all kinds of strange weapons. Arielle Dombasle is pure evil in this; her voice, her look... Even if sometimes it was a bit over the top, it's still pretty realistic. I suggest it to those who love this genre of cinema.

Like a Monk

I now live like a monk. It's been a while in fact. Here's an idea::: here's my routine for everyday, I'm not strict about it, it just happens naturally like that::: here's what I did and what I'll do today::: woke up at 4 a.m -- did some stretching full-body for 10 minutes while drinking water -- blogging here -- then will have breakfast, ending with green tea, reading newspaper -- will probably work-out, using bodyweight or some free-weight, and riding to the village on my bike -- watch a movie -- go to bed before midnight.  When I'm in my most monk-mood, I listen to mostly relaxing music, or Leonard Cohen songs (who's also a monk) especially his most holistic albums: Dear Heather and Ten New Songs. I haven't been in a bar or nightclub, even restaurant or movie theatre in months and don't feel the need/envy to. I haven't fucked in years. 2 years I think, I don't even know, and most of the time I don't even feel the desire to, neither to have a girlfriend. Perhaps when I will move back to the city it's gonna be different but right now I'm happy living that way. Happy as much as I can, I could be more, if there was a bit more sunrays -- which is one of the main reason why I moved closer to nature, to enjoy the summer, but there's no summer this summer, just rain, everyday, like pouring melancoly over a monk's temple. Anyway, I've been enjoying the 2 minutes per day of sunrays, and the 3 or 4 days of sunny days there was.  

Nutrition and BodyBuilding

I wrote that on my blog on MySpace and while ago.  Training and Vegan Tips, Life... ect

Someone asked me questions about starting to workout and transitionning to a vegan diet. I replied with an email, but thought it could be useful for some people if I'd share it here.
I thought I could share at the same time what my vision of arts is, and life, etc.
It's nothing extraordinary, just things you may already know or have seen in books, but I've put it here in this blog.
So I made some modifications from the email I wrote and here it is:

There's 4 different types and they all improve strenght. Choose depending what you're looking for: 2 really increase size of muscles, more than the others.

1-endurance: long series of high reps (25 and more), light weights... impove especially endurance. It is recommanded for beginners to start with this.

2-strenght (traditionnal bodybuilding training, hypertrophy): 4 or 5 series of 8-15 reps (usually 10-12) each, for each muscles groups, heavy weights, improve strenght and size

3-sheer strenght: really heavy weights, many series of only 1-3 max reps. Gives power and strenght.

4-speed and explosivity (long series like for endurance, but concentrate especially on lifting weights the faster you can) gives power, some endurance, some strenght. Recommanded for advanced athletes.

First, it is good to initiate yourself to weightlifting with very slow movements to learn how to do them correctly.

To be fit, you need to do more than only resistance training, but also some cardio vascular training too, like running, cycling, swimming, or sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton.
The physical condition consists essentially of qualities of strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and coordination. You need to master all five to be in perfect physical condition.

Despite some may say, I believe bodybuilding is a sport, you can call it art too if you want, expressing yourself through your body. Martial arts are arts too. In both, possibilities are infinite and there's almost no limits at what you can do.
There's so many different programs, techniques, etc. You need to search and read the more you can about it. If you want examples of exercices routines, you can find lots of good infos on forum, or forum
also in books, magazines, ask people in fitness gym, etc.

Resistance training, sport and any physical activity is a stress for the body, so be sure to have adequat rest also, like for instance: yoga, meditation or just relaxation, enough of sleep, avoid as much as possible other sources of stress like at work or your relations with your close relatives.



You can deceide to go vegan for different reasons :
-1-health: to get fit, improve athlete performances, or because of allergies to certain animal products or just to stay away from diseases

-2-ethical and philosophical: for animal rights and to respect nature, environmental reasons or just because it doesn't fit with your spiritual vision of life
Usually, most vegans do it for both main reasons, but the second one (animal/nature) is a must, otherwise you're not a vegan (this term involves a certain lifestyle or way of thinking), you're just someone who's on a vegan diet.
Anyway, in this article I'll just discuss the health aspect of it, because it's about getting fit.

The fundamentals are:
Then, perhaps some other important aspects if you wanna get even closer to a perfect nutrition, a superior nutrition :

good food combining rules (from Dr. Shelton, saying our stomach cannot digest any different kinds of foods all at the same time)
Dr. Adamo's Blood Type Diet (saying some foods may be good for someone but not good for someone else with another blood type... but this is a pretty controversial theory, and I'm not so sure about this one, just trust your instinct)
a balanced PH (to have health you need a healthy blood. It needs to be slightly alkaline. If your blood is too acidic, all the problem starts. Only greens are alkaline. Fruits are alkaline or slightly acidifying. All the other foods are acidifying so they shouldn't be more than 50% of your diet.

So basically, as much natural as possible.

Mostly fruits and greens, it's all your body needs to work properly. That's all it needs to have all the vitamins, minerals, water, oxygen, chlorophyll, enzymes and proteins. With this nutrition your body will reach the optimal health your genetic allows you to. Cooked vegan food may not directly cause diseases as much as animal proteins could, but you'll be at maybe 90% of optimal health instead of 100% with raw.
It doesn't matter if you eat some industrial food sometimes, just try to eat foods that are the closest to nature as much often as possible.

Just stay away from all other foods supposed to have amazing health qualities -- It's propaganda. If you want vitamins and minerals go see Mother Nature, not scientists with supplements. So called nutritionnists, modern dieteticians are saying you should drink a glass of red wine each day and 3 squares of dark chocolate each day for the rest of your life otherwise you're gonna have disease. What a joke!
Red wine for the grapes it contains, just eat grapes instead.
There's antioxidants in all vegetal foods other than dark chocolate - cocoa (which is an addictive drug) containing saturated fats.
Hemp and soy and flax and basically all seeds and nuts and avocados and olives, will provide the benefits of healthy fatty acids without the deadly bad sides of fatty fish. Those fish live in polluted rivers and eat other sick fish, so you eat all those DDT, BPC and mercury.
A healthy food is a complete healthy food, with nothing nocive to health.

There's a serious misperception/misinterpretation about the purpose of food. It's not medication supposed to reduce risks of diseases. That's really inexact. It's supposed to keep us away from those risks, or not causing to have those risks. We are born with health (excluding internal factors such as chimicals and toxic products that are already in our cells before we're even born, due to our industrial era and nutrition of your mother, and exterior factors such as pollution, deadly sunrays, etc that we try our best to protect ourselves from), virtually no risks of illness and diseases. The purpose of food is simply to maintain this health to it's maximal level. This is what a vegan raw diet can do for you. No food is gonna give you extra energy or health that you don't already have inside of you. What food can do though, is causing damage to your health if you eat bad foods, such as mentioned below.

We don't need animal proteins. So just ignore what people still living in another century say and try to convince you to eat meat, fish, eggs and milk and other fatty dairies. It has nothing vegetal reign doen't have, besides it's full of grownt hormones, toxins, chemicals, pesticides, saturated and trans-fat, cholesterol, animal fats... cooked, pasteurized, irradiated and highly processed, packed in plastic, not providing anything useful to the body.
A healthy and nourishing diet, giving strength, stamina, physical and intellectual vigour. Without vitality and energy, you lose your most precious good: Health, without which there is no happiness.
Cholesterol doesn't exist in the vegetal reign. Fruits, greens, nuts, seeds --
A natural nutrition, capable of filling the needs of the human body, to maintain Man in this state of kindness and beauty which is its right and its duty the most sacred and where from ensues happiness.

Your foods defines what you are and becomes your new cells -- You are what you eat.
Life engenders life -- Living foods, raw foods, such as fruits and greens regenerate your cells.
Cooked, processed foods -- maintains life...
Sugar, foods deprived of any vitamins -- slows down the life.
Animal fats, animal proteins. Dead flesh -- Kills and destroys life.

To get from an omni diet to a vegeterian diet (with eggs, dairies) can take months, or just a matter of days for others.
To get to a strict vegan diet (no animal products of any kinds) can take years for some, or it can be very easy for some others.
To get to a 100% raw vegan diet, or even fruitarianism, can take years too. It all depends on your background, education, environment, etc...
The path from a modern nutrition to a natural nutrition can be long, very long.
The key is to go slowly, gradually, if you crave for meat or dairies at the beginning, it's normal, and don't resist because it's useless, go ahead and eat it, instead of creating frustrations. After some time, the envy for such things will completely disappear, and you'll feel only better.

You can eat lots of seeds and nuts, grains and beans, or you can eat less dense food if you want.
The best way to gain lots of muscles is to eat a lot, more than you would normally do. But you'll gain muscles even if you don't eat a lot, your body will use your bodyfat and transform it into new muscles.
Whatever happens, believe only in yourself, and forget about all the animal proteins thing and the protein myth, we don't need huge quantity of proteins, but we need quality proteins, like the vegan proteins, and raw is even better because it's intact amino acids. High quality amino acids is the key. Again, it can take some time before understanding this and to get rid of your education and all of preconceived ideas.

You don't need any protein supplements such protein shakes. But if you still feel you need some, which is normal with the overestimated protein real utility and importance, prefer other sources than soy isolate (low digestibility and highly processed), prefer brown rice protein powder, some algae like spirulina or chlorella, or hemp, they're all raw. Hemp being perhaps the best choice of all (hemp protein powder is a raw, organic, easily digestible complete food with high quality amino acids). For soy, limit yourself to soy derivees like tofu and all fake cheese and meat products and desserts.

Of course, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and all drugs, try avoiding coffee, chocolate and other things containing caffeine. Avoid refined flours and sugars, molasses, wheat, too much sodium, pepper, and even vinegar, onions, garlic, hot peppers, spices, cooked oils... Reduce to a minimum all processed foods (packed, irradiated, full of pesticides and additives) and non-organic foods.


The key in changes is a progressive transition, accepting mistakes and learning from them, go up gradually to whatever perfection represents for you.
I think most important things in life are self achievment, set goals and accomplish them, don't have any attach (especially not material) and above all, life is a long search for perfection and happiness. The ideal of perfection is different for each person because perception of life differs from a person to another. As for me, perfection is simplicity, revoving everything which is useless, until there's only essential left. Happiness being the ultimate goal. It is a long road paved with accidents, strewed with discoveries, mistakes, understandings, illuminations, being lost and searching for truth and finding what you are, discovery of the world, etc.



So to be perfectly fit, focus on quality not quantity, you need all 4:

- training program - high effort level and efficient technic, resistance training along with some cardiovascular training
- nutrition - healthy foods, as close to nature as possible
- rest - relaxation, yoga, meditation, breathing, positive thinking, creativity -- physically and artistically – express yourself through art and through your body. Read, listen, look, travel.

Stay away from: stress, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, fast food and processed food and all animal proteins.



Here's some more links related to veganism, because sometimes at beginning the transition to a new diet or lifestyle can be difficult.
With vegan foods, always remember than wathever which meal or food you like (may it be cakes and other baking goods, or meals that usually contain cheese or meat) it is possible to get a vegan version of it for absolutly everything you can think of.
Fake meat and fake cheese (usually made of soy) and all cakes, cookies, pancakes etc can be made without eggs and milk. I like some vegan fast-food sometimes. I love vegan pizza, also veggieburger and veggiedogs. Also sandwiches with raw veggies like spinach, with avocado and tomatoe slices, alfalfa, Veganaise (so delicious, more than Soyanaise or regular mayo)...

If you wanna go vegan but don't wanna quit all your favorite fast-food type of meals, you'll be served:

Vegan recipes blogs links:
Vegan recipes books suggestions:

"Season of the Superhero"

I like this article/essay. I fully agree. The new Batman movie (The Dark Knight)  is breaking box-office records, grossing out 200 millions during the first days of exploitation. Will probably do around 500 millions profit.   written by Kate Heartfield, Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008::: "Trends happen. " "When the people seem to like something, they're bound to get more of it, until most of them get sick of it. There was that weird penguin fascination a little while back. One summer, it might be wizards; the next, pirates. It's obvious from the children's section in bookstores these days that somebody just figured out, again, that little girls like fairies." "Young people and storytellers have always liked rogues and heroes, and they always will."  "It does not take a lot of imagination to see the new Batman movie that is setting box office records, The Dark Knight, as something of a commentary on the war on terror," blogged the editorial board of The New York Times last week. " "Some reviewers of The Dark Knight and Hancock say we're a culture that's sick of heroes and mistrustful of easy answers. Other commentators say the opposite: That the superhero trend shows that North American society is scared of terrorists or global warming - even of the future of the economy - and is hoping for rescue. According to that analysis, we yearn for the days (probably imaginary) when there were good guys.
It's foolish to read too much cultural meaning into the release date of a movie. Remember when everyone was reading The Fellowship of the Ring as a comment on Sept. 11, 2001 and its aftermath? Not only did the film version come out a mere three months later, which would make Peter Jackson more impressive than Nostradamus, but it was, of course, based on a book published a half-century ago."                
                                                                                                             I always found that there were too many movies made out of comic books lately. All those superhero movies, and then movies to make fun of those movies... I hate all trends. Like the Lord of the Ring trend. Like the Harry Potter trend. Then  all the animation movies with pinguins, pigs and chickens that dance and sing. People who go see this are like : "oh he's so cute!" while they're eating their butter popcorn that is made with the fat of the milk of slavery cow who's gonna be slaughtered later, and after the movie they're gonna go eat a BBQ chicken.  All those movies are for kids. We see how mature adults nowadays are.  


I have read The Vancouver Sun newspaper yesterday : "B.C.'s biggest wal-mart opens it's doors" "Mather estimated that 300 to 400 people lined up to be among the first in the doors to get at opening specials such as seedless grapes for 97 cents a pound, giant packs of brand-name disposable diapers for $29.97 and 15-roll packages of brand-name paper towels for $9.97." Wow! seems like interesting items... ""I felt that I can just come to the store and get all my shopping done," Athwal said, "and I'm going to do that."" I bet you will. So you don't eat anything but foods bought at Wal-Mart? ""It's a very large store, and I must say I'm very impressed," Casson said. "It's going to be interesting to see what happens with the local guys, the small stores, but the economy's booming out here, housing's growing.""... Yes, "it's going to be interesting to see" all the local small stores closing one after the other. ""[Wal-Mart] is really going up against a Superstore, or Save-On-Foods," Gray said.
Shoppers who regularly go to specialty stores such as Whole Foods or Capers, or like to hit their corner produce store for the freshest fruits and vegetables likely won't change their habits.
However, stores like Safeway or Save-On-Foods, and even big boxes like Canadian Tire, will have to step up service to compete.
Gray added that the supercentre has been key to Wal-Mart's resurgence over the past couple of years."

Vampires and Cannibals II

"Implied Consent for Organ Donation :MPPs reopen organ-donation debate
New Democrats renew push for legislation making Ontarians automatic donors unless they opt out" : "As we speak, good organs are being burned or buried across this province because the province insists on maintaining its presumption system," said NDP MPP Peter Kormos" Hmm, interresting, is he aware that people have been dying because of this since the beginning of time, organ transplants is old of just a few decades.  Although I don't fully agree with such intense comments : "My Body My Life...
I find it offensive beyond comprehension that the government has the audacity to tell me what to do with MY body and MY life. Bad enough that we are treated like herded cattle being led to slaughter, but this one smacks of Human Rights violations like nothing else. I have the human right to choose what to do with my life and ultimately, my body and it's parts. No one and I mean no one will ever tell me what to do with it. The government has overstepped their mandate and bounds regarding this issue.

(Posted by Ernest Reed at 3:45 PM Wednesday, July 30 2008 ) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "POSTMODERN CANNIBALISM - black market trade of human organs Over the past thirty years, organ transplantation has developed from being an experimental procedure, performed in a few advanced medical centers, to being a fairly common therapeutic one carried out in hospitals and clinics throughout the world."                        " It is argued that the main trend of modern medicine: organ transplantation from an alien donor, will become socially dangerous in near future since the number of donors will be drastically smaller than the number of potential patients waiting for transplantations. This in turn may cause social conflicts and a form of medical cannibalism may arise. These problems and conflicts will be avoided if organ transplantation from an alien donor is replaced by organ cloning, i.e. by transplanting an organ developed from the patient.  " “When the law allows organs to be harvested from the bodies of the dead without the explicit prior consent of the dead, or the explicit consent of the next of kin, the State becomes effectively a cannibal"      "The New Cannibalism" (
"These demands are amplified by medical talk about the scarcity of organs. In the US, for example, there are close to 50,000 people currently on various organ waiting lists. But the very idea of organ scarcity has to be questioned. It's an artificially created need, invented by transplant technicians and dangled before the eyes of an ever-expanding sick, ageing, and dying population. And it's a scarcity that can never under any circumstances be satisfied, for underlying the need is the quintessentially human denial and refusal of death.
Japanese sociologist T Awaya describes the trend more bluntly: 'We are now eyeing each others' bodies greedily, as a potential source of detachable spare parts with which to extend our lives.' And he calls it a form of 'social or "friendly" cannibalism'. While unwilling to condemn it outright, Awaya does want organ donors and recipients to face squarely just what kind of social exchange they are engaged in."
    "Organ Transplants
Although an unsavory thought, there is no biblical argument against this medical practice. However there was a period of time when the Watchtower had them banned and stated that it was a “cannibalistic” practice.  In 1980 the Watchtower changed their view on this and organ transplants were no longer considered “cannibalistic” as the donated organ was not eaten.   The tragedy of this story is the loss of life of many faithful Jehovah Witnesses who refused this acceptable medical procedure in the time when it was banned. 
Does the Watchtower have blood on its hands?
The ironic thing about this ruling, if you can call it ironic, is that body tissue contains 97% of all the Leukocytes in a human body (the other 3% is in the blood system) and Leukocytes are on the Watchtower’s list of banned blood fractions. ------- Those who submit to such operations are thus living off the flesh of another human. That is cannibalistic. However, in allowing man to eat animal flesh Jehovah God did not grant permission for humans to try to perpetuate their lives by cannibalistically taking into their bodies human flesh, whether chewed or in the form of whole organs or body parts taken from others...". -- "The website shows various "nasty" sides of organ transplant - called "nasty", since they reveal the cannibalistic nature of transplant. A nature we don't want to be reminded of. We'd rather just look at the bright side of transplants: don't they just save people's life? So why show this nasty side ? -- "Because organ transplantation involves the literal taking into one body of another body's parts, Japanese commentators on modern biotechnology have, at least in comparison to their Western counterparts, been willing to see parallels between such a practice and cannibalism. This survey of that difference in sensitivity suggests that it is part of the reason why Japan has been less willing to grant social acceptance to such a medical procedure. Differences between Buddhism and Christianity - since in the latter a central ritual involves the symbolic ingestion of flesh and blood - also appear to be involved in the differing ways in which organ transplantation from "brain-dead" persons has been evaluated not only by the bioethicists but also by the general populace in these two constituencies.",3110,0131423398,00.html "Part of the Prentice Hall Exploring Biology Series, Mad Cows and Cannibals explores the biological, political and social aspects of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, including Mad Cow Disease and Chronic Wasting Disease.
The text begins with stories of ritualistic cannibalism in the highlands of New Guinea, and leads to the modern agricultural feeding practices that triggered the Mad Cow Disease epidemic in Great Britain, and to recent outbreaks of Chronic Wasting Disease in North America. In clear and accessible language, it explains the biology of these bizzare, degenerative brain diseases, answering important questions about how TSEs affect the safety of our food supply, blood supply, and medical procedures. "

Vampires and Cannibals I

Blood transfusions are the new vampirism ? Organ transplants are the new cannibalism? Of course. Claiming the opposite would be playing with words or playing the ostrich.  I'm posting here some news about something that is everywhere and so well accepted by society that most people never even thought about it, others refuse to think about it and claim it's insane to have thoughs like that.  ////////////////////////////////// My position about those modern medical procedures is clear : I know it saves lives. I know it's a good thing, and therefore I'm for it. I've donated blood once and will repeat it in the future. I've signed my card for organ donations because I don't care what they do with my body once I'm braindead. I don't want people to read this and be scared and turned off by donating blood. I'm just for calling things by what they are and to raise awareness in a world where to many people live in total ignorance and lies. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// So yeah basically I'm for those procedures, eventhough I have some resignations. It can save lives but also kill sometimes. It passes infectious blood to another. Or about organ transplants, some people got their organs removed before they were even braindead (illegally, or because of medical mistakes). The real reason I'm a bit against all this is for moral and ethics: it is not a natural alternative to death. When the body is not able to heal and must die, let it die for Christ sake! But modern science intend to act differently. I've read a fascinating book about infectious animal proteins (called prions). Unfortunately the book is only in French, but it enlighten the reader about how animals in farms are cannibalized (farmers feeding them with the deads of their own spicie). Cannibalism causes cannibalism diseases (mad cow, mad sheep, etc) and those diseases passes through different spicies... humans eating meat of cannibalized animals... Cannibalism diseases due to infectious proteins on humans are : Parkinson, Alzheimer, and Human Mad Cow Disease. Those are all incurable. See: