I'm what we can call a "luditte", meaning I'm kind of anti-science, progess, etc. I hate talking to the phone, for instance. I'm anti-biotechnologies (which, by the way, are not even technologies, because for something to be called as a technology, the procedure must reproduce the same results under identic conditions, which is not possible when making genetic modifications to organisms, because the gene guns shoot randomly, the target being so small, the ratio of GMO's varies up to 20% from a GMO to another. It's a very aleatory, rudimentary and very unprecise procedure, far from being mastered).

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that how the health system works is sick ! The money goes for trying to find cures instead of searching what causes the diseases. There will always be diseases, until we stop them before they appear. The only way for this is not science, but nature. Just natural foods, like fruits and greens, is all that is necessary. If we keep eating cookies and chips, then spending billions of dollars to invent antidotes to those poisons, ad nauseam.
Sometimes, the scientists also try to find what originally cause a disease. But they do this especially to help them working on a cure, not to spread the truth about what they discovered. So people keep poisoning themselves endlessly. Or when people know what is the source of their problem, do they stop ? what are they doing to change it; most people don't take the responsabilities towards themselves.

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