Food, Exercise, Body and Mind

(some stuff here are from my posts on vbb forum. Some notions from Dr. Shelton in the second part)

I don't think there's a perfect workout routine. First, you find a program you like and you think it is perfect, then you don't like it anymore and replace it with another that match your new idea of perfection.

One thing people don't understand is that the brain values habits. If you repeat an exercise over and over for many years, of course you get better at it because you learn how to do it well and because the body adapts to this movement so it can perform it even better. I hear people say this :
my body responds very good with light weight and large repetitions. Also my body seems not to like too much cable excercises.

How would that be possible?
Is there a scientific proof that an exercise is better for the body of a person and less for someone else? It's only that doing lots of light weight, your body adapted to it and became more efficient than with heavy weight. It is you and the exercises that defines your body.

Is amazing that a lot of people can train years in the gym and never realise what is the best for their type of body.

It is probably that the person don't like to workout and the training is performed in an inefficient way, therefore the body doesn't adapt.

I don't think there's different ideal exercises for different bodies. Because we all have similar bodies: same number of muscles once adult age, same organs, etc. Of course there's some leaner than others, a lightweight can perform faster on a bike than a heavyweight. But you can change this with diet and exercises. We shouldn't use our body to decide which exercises are better, it's the exercises (and diet) that define the body. And the mind choose what it prefers. The body adapts. It is the exercises that defines the body, not the body that defines the exercise.
Of course, genetics change things a bit from a person to another, but not that much. Genetics can make someone grow muscles faster, or being stronger in general, but genetics will never make someone's body better at cable exercises and someone else body bad at free weights or bicep curls in particular.


Samething with food. Some say : I don't like carrots (that's just an example, in fact I adore carrots). Same body than someone who like carrots. The only difference is the diet for children, and even the mom's diet while the child was still a fetus, all this affects the personal tastes but doesn't change the body.
The fallacy that a healthy food for one person is a poison for another, is wrong.
They say this, but they all eat the samething: the same junks like meat, dairies, coffee, etc., everywhere in every house, restaurants, hotels all over the country, the same poisons, but they say "a poison for someone can be healthy for someone else", so they don't feel healthy to eat only poisons. They use this phrase as an excuse, like : "I smoke tobacco, my body likes it", or "I know for some people coffee is not good, but for me it is beneficial". Who would say that calcium or vitamin C is a poison for certain people ?


A poison is a poison for everybody, all humans and all animals. Even if certain animals can survive to amounts of poisons that has no effect on them while it would kill 3 humans, it's still not beneficial to those animals.

A poison in high dose is still a poison in small dose; it doesn't miraculously become good, it's still harmful, but less.

Today, we see all poisons as good substances : coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sugar, wine, medecine. All medecine are made in laboratories out of poisonous plants. Researchers look for the most dangerous rare plants in Amazonia rainforests and make poisons to fight other poisons and they combine this with another poison to counter the effect of the first one, etc... The more a plant is a powerful poison, the best medecine we consider it to be... while fruits and greens can cure everything except maybe the venom of a snake. I drink green tea but I'll never say it's good out of bad faith.

If some nutritionnists say that coffee and tea helps to fight cancers and stuff because of the antioxydants, I really doubt that many vitamins survive in a cup of boiling water, even your own hand will almost die. Cells affected by drugs can become tumors though.

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