Devour the Earth

Even if this documentary is pretty old, it is still very accurate. The facts are just worse now, more than 10 years later, things are not getting better, on the contrary.

FACTS from the 1995 documentary "Devour the Earth" narred by Paul McCartney

In Holland , the ratio cattle/humans is 7 for 1. The forests are dying due to acid rains, caused mainly by cattles.
-we need 2 times more superficy to feed a meateater than for a vegetarian and 4 times more than a vegan.
-In certain area, wastes from cattle ranching are responsible for 70% of the acid rains.
-England could feed 250 millions of vegans
-If everyone on Earth would eat like Americans, half of the world population could not eat at all
-Meat production requires 12x more water than vegetables
10 kg of grains needed to produce only one kg of meat
-Fish industry is not better at all : to produce 1 kg of salmon you need 5 kg of fish.
-PCB, one of the most toxic product of all, is in the whole food chain but especially in water and the animals living in it.
-40% of captured fish for consumption are sigh and have cancerous tumors.
-About 240 000 tons of PCB polluted the oceans before it got banned from countries. Now it will stay in the environment, and food chain, for centuries.


-Before 1950, 14% of the world’s land was tropical rainforests. Now more than half are gone.
-Half of animals live in rainforests and 90% of all the different species on the planet can be found in the forests
-Each year, we cut trees of a superficy of Britain. Around 200 000 km2 per year
-Most of this to make space for cattles or to grow soy to feed cattle
-71% of cut trees in Costa Rica is for cattles. Nepal lost half of it’s forests in 20 years due to this too.
-1 hectar or 2,5 acres are needed to raise only one animal
-in 1991, latin america exports 8 millions tons of soy just to feed cattles
-In 1989, astronauts saw from their spacecraft the smoke of thousands of fires : a surface of 2,6 millions square kilometers of trees burned in Amazonia. It was rainforests being cleared for cattle ranching.
-Since 1970, the destruction of rainforest in south america caused a waste of 1,5 billion tons of carbon dioxyde in the atmosphere

-An acre of orchard produces about 35 times as much food as an acre of livestock agriculture and twice as much food as an acre of grain

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