The World According to Monsanto

(Lire le texte en Français -- more complete text in French) Monsanto could argue that they’re a good company claiming that otherwise they wouldn’t have stayed a hundred years. Others could say that the people don’t pursue a good company that often, or that a good company don’t pursue honest farmers that are just trying to make a living… Monsanto have been in hundreds of cases in court, and still is in another hundred right now, always and always.

Check out this great article that reviews many points about GMO's and Monsanto. 

Reproductive changes:
Cows injected with genetically modified growth hormones (rBGH) had more birth defects, reproductive disorders, difficulty getting pregnant, foot and leg injuries, metabolic disorders, indigestion, bloat, diarrhea, lesions, increased size of heart, liver, kidneys, ovaries and adrenal glands, and shortened lives. In the face of this data, Monsanto dismissed this evidence in its own report to the FDA as harmless physiological shifts. [p.88-89]

Research result: Rats that were fed GM potatoes suffered damaged immune systems. Their white blood cells responded much more sluggishly than those fed a non-GMO control diet. Other GMO-fed rats in this experiment had smaller, less developed brains, livers and testicles, and had enlarged tissues, including pancreas and intestines. Some showed partial atrophy of the liver. Furthermore, significant structural changes and a proliferation of cells in the stomach and intestines of GMO fed rats may have signaled an increased potential for cancer. These rats developed these effects after just ten days. Some of the above changes lasted after 110 days, a time period corresponding to about 10 years of human life. [p.12]

For those who don't know, Monsanto is a sick company about a century old, and is now considered as the most controversial multinational ever. It is the creator of good products such as PCBs (now banned, this is one of the most toxic and dangerous substances ever created by man. There was some in everything, from freezers to air conditionners. An estimated 240 000 tons of PCB went in our environment, especially water. Now it will stay in the food chain for centuries. Everybody has some in their organism. To eat fish is the best way to increase your dose of PCB.)
Before that, Monsanto was the main participant in the race to nuclear bomb for the governement of USA. The scientists of Monsanto were developping the first atomic bom that was soon to be launched on Hiroshima.
But other laboratories were involved with the Pentagon and White House. Still, Monsanto was a big part in the Manhattan Project.
Between this and the PCB, Monsanto made the Agent Orange that waas sprayed over Vietnam jungles during the war. It destroyed the forests, killed thousand of people, injured many others, many are physically disabled and still today we observe a high rate of malformations at birth. An hospital in Vietnam displays what resulted of this deadly substance that is dioxine on human health : in bocals, human foetuses with monstrous difformities : a 2 headed baby, a body with no head, one with no brain, another with a gigantic brain. A foetus with a penis between the eyes.
Then in the end '80s they come up with BGH (bovine grownt hormones) to give to dairy cows to make them produce up to 40 liters of milk per day instead of 5. With all the diseases that comes with it. So the cows need astronomic amounts of antibiotics in order to survive.
After this, they arrive with the Roundup, an herbicide for big and small farmers, falsly presented as "biodegradable and good for the environment", they're gonna have to pay a fined for this and remove this label. Note that this product contain some of the agents that were found in the Agent Orange used by the army. In fact, it is a very harmful product and is the #1 herbicide used for suicides.
They then started to invest in the agrobusiness domain and put on the market their GMOs (genetically modified organisms) like the corn Bt, or Soy RoundUp Ready, designed specially to resist their herbicide. Indeed, you could empty a whole bottle on this soy and it would be like nothing happened while just a few drops kill any other plants or 125ml kills an human.
They made a fortune, every farmer buy this new soy, AND the RoundUp as a special package, because GM soy requires this herbicide in order to grow. Reason is this is a like a plant on steroids, it needs huge amounts of fertilizers, more water, it drains all energy from soil, leaving an poor dirt.

Now Monsanto is attempting to acquire water rights in countries with water shortages in a move to control the people's basic means of survival

Then they try to patent the genes of pig, so all farmers would pay them royalties for each pig they own.
They also tried to put the Terminator seeds on the market, nothing less than infertile crops, to rule once and for all over all the farmers of the world by taking them the right to grow plants when they want.
What’s next, Monsanto is gonna try to own the rights on the soil we’re walking on and the air we breath ?
This is like science fiction, but nothing is too much for Monsanto, a company that "don't want to lose one dollar" even if it means to kill people.

The problem with GMO is not only the health issue on humans (though Monsanto claims there’s no risks of harm on short term, but nothing says there’s no problems after long exposition. And nothing says GMO are not partially responsible for the increase of cancers and other diseases), no, the most harm can come from the abundant use of pesticides and insecticides, especially Roundup. Another problem concerns the ethics of life and the environment. Now that life can be patented by big lobbys such as Monsanto, not only they own and control the food, at the same time they rule over the world, they own us. In fact, someone from Monsanto once said : "we own you, we own everyone who buy our products". -

The other big issue is concerning the planet : GMO spread and the perspective that one day the whole planet will be genetically modified is possible, all the plants, insects, animals will be affected, infected... Yes, Man made himself the new God.

Monsanto’s cotton seeds are 4x more expensive than normal cotton seeds. Monsanto owns most of the seed market, forcing poor Indian farmers to buy Monsanto’s seeds. The GM cotton is inefficient on Indian soil, it simply doesn't grow. Many farmers got ruined becaus ethey had to borrow money to buy the seeds. When they don't have anything left... Each 8 minutes, an Indian farmer kills himself, often with the very same product that caused his misery, the Roundup herbicide.

Today, and since many years, movements around the world, especially in France and Europe, milite against the giant of biotechnologies Monsanto, and it's crazy products :

  • tomatoes+pig
  • toad + potatoes
  • soy + virus
  • salmon+strawberry
  • sourmon+corn

Some ask for decent laws of GMOs labelling. Others want that this company returns to hell and with it's products too.
We must not wait to see what the future will show us, we must act now before it is too late.

In England, GreenPeace militants are fighting against GMOs, like blocking a cargo full of 125 000 tons of transgenic corn.

Cows feed with gmo corn produce gmo milk. Some cows have difformities like : shitting by the tits. Not to mention the other thing from... guess who : Monsanto -- BGH that make HUGE tits to the cows, sometimes it is so big and heavy that it touch the floor or the cow cannot move, is sick. In fact the vast majority of dairy cows are on those hormones and dozens of other drugs and antibiotics to try to counter the many infections afflicting cows. Because of all this, their milk is unfit to consumption, containing high levels of pus, viruses, bacterias, blood, toxic residues of the nombrous chemicals and drugs, not to mention that the hormones go in the milk too. And people drink this, beleiving blindly what the national association of milk producers present as the "perfect" drink, essential to human health.

Truth is :

When we want to ask questions to big gmo societies, they never respond. They work in the dark, protected from medias and public. They hide like the criminals and murderers that they are.
Gilles Eric Seralini is a scientist that begins to scare big companies like Mosanto, he critics openly gmo’s and what he says is based on scientific facts. Since many years, this molecular biology professor patiently collects all proofs of gmo’s dangers. Often, Mosanto and others tried to buy his silence. He has secret files showing the nocive effects on animal’s health. Effects on blood cells counts, sugar level in blood, female and male hormones, etc. To know if this is also dangerous for humans, he’s making experiments in his laboratory. Monsanto employs ex-cops and ex-CIA agents to work as secret agents, to spy or to intimidate farmers. They will enter in a private property such as a flield and take samples of crops and grains in plastic bags to analyze them. If the searchers of Monsanto's laboratories find out it contains even just a small pourcentage of their genetically modified crops, they will pursue the farmer and win. Even if the farmer never bought or never sowed any GMO in his field... thing is that the contamination of GMO's are a big problem. The wind, bees, pollen, trucks, etc... It should be Monsanto who should compensate the farmers for the contamination, not the opposite. This is a crazy world...

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