Fuck proteins !

ahah, I like the title of this post. I'm often posting on the veganbodybuilding forum and everyday there's someone saying "I'm a little worried about getting all the protein that I'm going to need on a Vegan diet." What ? on a vegan diet -- but not on an omni diet ? I've answered it a thousand times but I think this was the last time. I wrote at the end : "Vegetables are champions for micronutrients like vitamins, but they can even compete for proteins against soy and meat, when we compare them with the amount of calories . If you're able to eat 600gr of broccoli, which has a good amino score of 83, you get 17gr of proteins, 16 grams of fibres, 900% of your DV for vitamin C, 772% of vit.K, lots of vit. A, E and B6, calcium and iron. All this for only 200 calories. While 200 calories of chicken will give you almost 40 grams of proteins but nothing else except cholesterol."
Anyway, I have nothing against proteins, nor anything else, just against the perception people have about proteins. Let's face it, most people don't know nothing about nutrition, yet they dare to say that vegans - and even vegetarians (who eat fish, seafruits, eggs, milk, cheese and all dairies, and even chicken) can't get enough proteins. What the hell do they know? Just things they heard on tv from psudo-dieteticians working for the government, paid by megafarms. I'm vegan and I have more muscles than I ever had when eating meat, eggs and dairies. The Protein Myth. That's what keep people to continue buying meat. They think it's necessary. Some think they'll die if they don't get their 500 grams of proteins per day. Some others don't even think about it, perhaps they don't even know what a protein or a calorie is, but they just eat meat, because it's normal for them, they could not imagine stop buying meat. Of course the governments and the meat industry know it and they must remind people that meat is important, by continuously producing publicity that promotes Whoppers and cheeseburgers, milk and eggs. ==============================

Truth is, when you get enough calories, you get enough proteins. It's as simple as this. Now people eat too much calories, too much proteins, too much sugars, and too much fats, saturated fats and cholesterol. If you eat foods too high in proteins, like meat, milk, fish, soy products and seitan and protein shakes, that's just too much proteins in one shot. Too much of everything is useless and even harmful. 2 much proteins makes you grow old faster, all your cells, including your organs, live less longer (cancers). I'm 27 years old but everybody think I'm 20. I say I don't look younger than my real age, it's the others who look older than their age. Even as a bodybuilder, you get enough proteins from high carb foods, like rice, beans, pastas and bread. Like this vegan bodybuilder named Avi, lifting thousands of kilos of weight everyday. His diet is like this :

Carbs 65%
Protein 20%
Fats 15%

So the little women working as secretaries in their office, claiming they NEED their fish for proteins : for what? to climb into your car, to lift a pencil, a cup of coffee? Humans need more proteins (but less that what people think) during those circumstances: pregnant women, babies, kids and teenagers, injuried persons, athletes.

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