Just some music videos I like

Radiohead is definitely one of my favorite band. We might not be able to hear clearly all the lyrics (at least not me, being French) but who cares. He uses his voice as an instrument to express feelings. Classical music like Beethoven symphonies don't have any lyrics and it's great. This is probably my favorite song of the recent album, you might prefer to watch it on Gliving channel for it is on a larger screen.

Another great artist whose I love his music videos, songs and lyrics is of course Leonard Cohen. His texts are the most beautiful of all the musical world, imho. Of all his albums, there is only one song I consider not being good "un canadien errant". Compared to Bob Dylan whose another great contemporary singer -- he is more productive than Cohen but almost half of his songs suck, and sometimes a whole album is bad. This will never happen with Cohen because he works ten times longer on each song, until it becomes a masterpiece, really.

Last Year's Man

A Youtube user wrote :
"Leonard Cohen is evidence that the divine is not limited to god"

Then another user commented :
""To create is divine, to replicate is human."
So for me every true artist is divine!"

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