SOMEONE CREATED AND POSTED THIS IMAGE... what the hell is that? 

OK... I'm a vegetarian (more precisely, a vegan), and... explain what ? I see some teeth... what is their to explain ? Oh I see, you're talking about canines and incisors...
You mean... LIKE THESE :

... ?? ... AND ALSO THIS :

And these...


The teeth thing... The guy that created the pic  on top of this post is mentally illed and should be imprisoned.
There's corpse-eaters that will try to find all the wicked excuses in the world to try to prove they're right and that humans are supposed to be carnivore, that meat is the base of the original diet, and that basically all vegetarians and vegans are wrong and doing some kind of metaphysical mistake... (By the way, the original diet of humans is fruitarianism. We've almost never found any animal proteins DNA in fossilized prehistoric men excrements, but always vegetal proteins in large amounts. Even if cavemen did it some meat -- to survive-- it is not necessary anymore, now that food is easily available. If man was eating meat before, it is not a reason to perpetuate indefinitely their mistakes. EVOLVE. If you wanna use the Cro-Magnon man and the Neanderthal man as your role model, go ahead, but you're kind of a retard if you do this and behind the times). That's it, go back to when we had no brain. 

So guess what, they use some of the facts that prove we are not designed to eat meat, and they reverse these facts to their advantage ! ahahaha ! Vegetarians use the teeth reason to prove we're not carnivores, because manifestly our canines our pathetic, shorter than even our molars, while carnivores have long sharp molars and canines. Some meat-eaters will say our teeth are like those of wolves... What ? Perhaps you need new eyes, or you're just a fucking liar with bad faith. We have a dentition of horse.  There's even many people with huge teeth in the front like rabbits. But some carnivores say: look we have canines ! well what did you think ? We have canines, fruitarian animals have canines, carnivore animals surely have some, herbivores animals too. Someone even claimed our body is more similar to wolves than primates like chimpanzee and gorillas. This guy needs a new brain, or perhaps his perception of reality is altered by warewolves stories.  But it's ridiculous, you can't go bite in a cow with a human dentition, lol. It will tear your teeth and your gum will bleed, while the cow will laugh at you and shit on your face.
Noticed there are two animals in these pics that are not carnivores ? Yes, the dog, is an omnivore, while the cat is a pure carnivore. Means the dog can easily live without meat, not like his cousin the wolf.
Noticed that there's a vegan/fruitarian animal among these above ? The gorilla. Look at these canines, yet, gorillas never eat meat.

It shows that teeth are not always a reliable indicator for which diet is the best. You can judge by all the other anatomy similarities with primates and humans, clearly showing that we're perfectly adapted to a diet based entirely on fruits, and meat will rot in our stomach and intestines for 3 days, while the meat leave the body after 3 hours in the case of carnivores. They also have special enzymes and good bacterias that we don't have and which are designed to kill bad bacterias contained in raw, rotten meat; these bacterias would kill us in no time, so we cook meat, to kill them. 
"You can't tear flesh by hand, you can't tear hide by hand. Our anterior teeth are not suited for tearing flesh or hide. We don't have large canine teeth, and we wouldn't have been able to deal with food sources that required those large canines."

--Renowned anthropologist, Dr.Richard Leakey (Neal Barnard, The Power Of Your Plate, Book Publishing Company: Summertown, Tenn., 1990, p.170)

Scroll down on this page until you see the board with compared anatomy and physiology. To be more accurate, they should have put also the informations concerning fruitarian animals, because we are more similar to those than the herbivores. We are not herbivores nor omnivores or carnivores, but fruitarians.

We don't have long and sharp teeth, we don't have claws. Our body is innoffensive with nothing particularly dangerous; to prove it just try to measure yourself against any carnivore predator -- he'll show you and teach you what's a carnovore, by ripping your arms and legs and tearing your flesh and then eating your whole body raw in a single meal. Humans who eat meat are capricious and picky, they will eat lean meat. If you claim you're a carnivore, then do it right: eat like a carnivore : kill your prey yourself, eat it raw and the whole body, including all the organs and intestines, brain, etc. 

Unlike natural carnivores, we are physically and psychologically unable to rip animals limb from limb and eat and digest their raw flesh. Even cooked meat is likely to cause human beings, but not natural carnivores, to suffer from food poisoning, heart disease, and other ailments. http://www.geocities.com

If you try all this: First of all, you won't even be able to catch and kill a prey, at least not everyday or enough to survive. Second, you will puke while trying to stuff the bloody guts into your own guts. 

Eating corpses is SICK and in fact cause many degenerative diseases due to intoxication.  You poor necrophagous, your eating habits are based on ignorance and this will cause your untimely death.

There's some maniacs, killers and mercenaries who want to make us become carnivores so they can make profits. And the doctors will tell you meat is necessary, so they can seel you their pills. But you will never heal, unless you stop eating meat and animal products and believing in an illusion of cure by drugs and surgeries. 

Dr. Herbert Shelton says that all carnivores, insectivores, parasites, necrophagous and detritivores are not normal and are pathological cases. All these animals that spread pain and do evil, they can't do anything without killing. These diets based on morbidity are degenerative and inevitably leads to extinction because they owe their survival on the behalf of others. 

Specialists and great minds also clearly pointed out that eating meat leads to cannibalism at some point (humans already experienced cannibalism at different times and in different areas and nations, even right now).

Socrate also predicted since long ago that eating meat cause wars and violence, for territory... countries fight to cut the forests of other countries to install pastures for cattle feeding... until the overpopulation and demand will be too grand... leading eventually to cannibalism...  a future ressembling like Soylent Green is not far away. By the way you can watch the entire movie for free here. 

CBC news article : Martin says anti-meat ads 'unacceptable'
"Prime Minister Paul Martin on Wednesday condemned an animal rights campaign linking the eating of meat to the murders of women in British Columbia.
Billboards in Toronto and in Edmonton paid for by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals show pictures of a woman and a pig accompanied by the slogan, "Neither Of Us Is Meat."

The allusion is to the women who disappeared during the 1990s in the Vancouver area. Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Pickton has been charged in the deaths of 15 women."

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