Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!

I'm becoming fruitarian, or frugivore, raw vegan, call it what you want. I've tried a while ago, with no success at all. It simply wasn't the time for me. But it's now set in my mind, the transition is already made in me. Eventhough I still eat pastas, rice, cooked yams, carrots, etc... I know that soon, once I have no more of these stuff I mentionned, I'll be eating only fruits. Small quantities of seeds and nuts, like half a cup per day (they're fruits too, or part of fruits), and greens, raw veggies. Some are vegetable-fruits (cucumbers, avocado, zuchinis, tomatoes, etc), some are simply vegetables (spinach, kale, lettuce, brocoli, etc). But those green salads, in which I'll add that daily portion of nuts, are less than 5% of total daily calories intake, that's why it is still a fruit based diet. But maybe I'll feel perfectly comfortable with only pure fruits,  the fresh and juicy ones. 

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