Meat Eaters are Killers...or should I say, they're a bunch pussies! (since they refuse to kill the animals they eat)

Some people say: "Hitler was vegetarian" ... uh, really? yeah, so? He wasn't. And even if he was... We could say that he was drinking milk. So milk is responsible for the hate against humany that Hitler felt ! Seriously, here's what they try to insinuate on that those, like Hitler for instance, have this mentality: "to love animals, to hate humans", and therefore, those who avoid to eat meat by compassion, hate those who kill animals without any guilt and just for food. It's the typical stereotype of the "cause against the man", that vegans accord more importance and rights towards other animals than us. Well it doesn't work that way; vegans see life as a whole, and accord as much importance to animals than to humans. Meat-eaters are insensitive beings that don't give a damn about killing non-human animals, or human animals. This behavior also reflects on their relationship with human animals, on different levels, with agressivity, violence, and beyond. Hitler: not vegetarian nor animal lover. Just a deranged man who drinked milk, ate meat and seafood ! Also, despite what people think, Einstein wasn't vegetarian. He married his wife for her culinary qualities, her specialities involved meat as the ingredients, and Einstein often had digesting problems due to meat. That's good, otherwise meat-eaters would say: Einstein was vegetarian, that's why he caused the invention of the atomic bomb !

Gandhi was vegetarian too, Darwin, Platon, Pythagore, Socrate, Da Vinci, etc... doesn't seem to me like very violent persons. They're rather very intelligent persons.

This is just a message in response of what some stupid people say about vegetarianism and Hitler, or that vegetarians commits murders by eating plants. Wake up, you're killing ten times more plants when you eat meat. Those animals need to eat, before you cause their death.

Let's face the truth:

With their claims about the "original diet", our (non-existant) canines supposed to be designed to tear meat, and their other ridiculous arguments, meat-eaters wants us to be carnivores, necrophagous, saprotrophs, detritivores and even cannibals. And, ultimately, they want us to become sexually impotent, murderers and rapists.

"To admit that we have the right to inflict unnecessary suffering is to destroy the very basis of human society."

John Galsworthy
English novelist and dramatist

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute to man."

Charles Darwin
English biologist and naturalist

The Russian author Leo Tolstoy became a vegetarian in 1885.
Giving up the sport of hunting, he advocated "vegetarian pacifism" and was against killing even the smallest living things, such as the ants. He felt there was a natural progression of violence that led inevitably to war in human society. In his essay "simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an act which is contrary to moral feeling - killing.

ahaha, there's some fucked up things on internet, like these evil websites, saying eating fruits make you violent and transform someone into a killing machine, they're trying to insinuate that 2 or 3 persons were evil because they were vegetarians or vegans,  but how many monsters are meat eaters ? Way more than 2 or 3 let me tell you... I would say more than 2 or 3 billion. These websites and persons will try to say that Adolf Hitler, or Pol Pot, or Charles Manson, killed people because they would prefer to see humans being killed rather than to see animals suffering; well these crazy maniacs just need to look at themselves to see how mean and evil humans are. Yes, they hated humanity, yes, they were mad, but most of them never murdered a single person. It's the meat eaters who elected Hitler and chose him as their leader. The meat eaters (soldiers, etc) perpetrated all the killings ordered by Hitler, Pol Pot, ect... By the way, Hitler wasn't even vegetarian, and he killed nobody. Charles Manson was vegetarian but he killed nobody either. All serial killers, psychopath murderers, deranged and violent criminals, rapists or your neighbor who killed his wife and kids or went on a killing rampage at his office, they all eat meat. The stress, pain, fear and adrenalin injected in the muscles of the animal before it is butchered is then ingested by meat eaters who are then stressed and violent. With their cancers and heart attacks... and their sexual impotance, making them even more agressive and frustrated.

What are they trying to prove when they say "vegetarians are evil" ? Yes, Genghis Khan was a crazy sadist (and there's no proof of his vegetarianism), but does that mean all vegans are mass murderers? Oh so Henry Lee Lucas who raped and massacred 600 people, was a meat eater, so all meat eaters are like him? On their website, they omit to talk about all the assassins who eat meat. Like Richard Ramirez, Jack the Ripper, the Boston strangler, and so on, the list is endless.

First of all, Hitler wasn't vegetarian, eating sausage, squab, liver dumplings, ham and caviar. But even if he was vegetarian, he was reading books too, and he loved dogs, does that mean that everybody should stop reading books or having a dog in their families? 

Let's not forget one thing: technically, all carnivores are killers. They can't do anything else than bad things and they're mean and violent. Wolves, etc, are natural born killers. We're not like them, do you wanna be like them? It seems like some humans want to be mean, sadistic, to torture, to kill. Just take a look at all the rapes, murders, wars, etc... Is that being "human"? Sometimes I see animals as living beings far more respectful towards others, even the carnivores. We've even seen wild wolves acting socially with humans, as long as the humans are respectful and don't try to dominate the animal.

By killing, Tolstoy believed, "man suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity - that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself - and by violating his own feelings becomes cruel." TOLSTOY

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