what's food and what's not

There's a difference between fruits and meat. One is a food offered by nature, the other one is a waste of the nature. Corpses are only food for the necrophagous and detritivores. When a fruit is ripe and falls from the tree, it means it is ready to be eaten, and from this moment it's only destiny is to be eaten, or to rot in the next few days. When an animal is dead, it is food for the parasites, the carnivores and all the vermin.

Eggs are not food it's a chick. Milk is natural food for calves, surely not for humans. It's not even normal for an adult to drink human breast milk, let alone cow's milk. Why don't you drink the milk of your cat or dog directly from her tits like a kitten or a puppy?

So-called nutritionists and dieteticians will say you need milk. Excuse me? We don't need cow's milk, we don't need the milk of snakes or the milk of any other animal. Dr. Herbert Shelton said that adults who still drink milk are eternal runts. That's right. Grow up for Christ's sake !

All dairies are surely not what we can call "natural food" since it's not even found in the nature. There are no cheese, cream, butter or ice cream in nature. These are all concentrated fats made milk. Cheese is just a fermentation of a concentration of the casein proteins found in milk, in which we add salt and rennet (veal stomach) and let this mixture grow old for several months.

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