Industries drop mercury in water and this mercury becomes hightly toxic once absorbed by the simple organisms in water: methyl mercury. It is consumend and accumulated during the food chain, so that we found out that the fish who are predators (salmons, tuna, etc) have in their tissues a concentration 10 millions more powerful than what is found in the water where they live.

Concerning all the toxic products we encounter in our food, water, air, cosmetics, household products, even our clothes, and that enter our bodies by nose, mouth and even by our skin, the researchers made some shocking discoveries: sometimes tiny doses (like 1 ppm or even 1 ppb) can be more dangerous than higher dose. The reason is that when the quantity of a toxic product is so tiny, our body don't even notice it, and all this accumulates everyday, until you developp a tumor at the age of 40.But when our body encounters bigger quantities of toxic products, the immune system is activated and tries to block or reject it.
Another important new discovery: the combinations of different chemicals together can produce even more dangerous products. PCB is just a molecular variation of the chlorine atom, yet it's the most toxic product made by man. When companies test their substancies, they do this on the substance alone, not associated with other chemicals. So governement authorize chemicals since more than 50 years that way. But a product is inoffensive alone may not be when combined with one or two other products, or more; there's now hundreds of different chemicals in our food, water, sprayed on plants, etc...

Researchers were wondering why the population of belugas in the St-Laurent river in Quebec, Canada, was decreasing and why many of them are so sick. We find corpses of them on the shore. Anylisis show that their flesh contains an astonishing cocktail of chemicals, and that may be the cause of many of their cancers. 

A researcher discovered that too much residues of products of chlorine in tap water was responsable for anormally high level of misscarriage in a certain area. Her studies forced the governement to lower the maximum acceptable amount of chlorine in tap water. 

The same researcher analyzed the sperm of 4 great cities like New York, Los Angeles, etc... and a rural area of Missouri. She tought the sperm would be better in the rural zone, away from the pollution of cities... No. She found out that the sperm quality of inhabitants of Missouri was incredibly poor. She went there and tried to find out what is different there and which is not present in urban areas... Agriculture: huge fields of wheat, corn, etc... and huge amounts of chemicals sprayed on these, going in the rivers, then ending up in tap water. 

Half a century ago, before the crazy megalomaniac agriculture we have now, called agrobusiness, the fields were smaller, with no chemicals employed, and there were trees and ponds that were blocking, absorbing the chemicals if there was any, before they reach the rivers and ocean. Now it's different. Farmers cut down all trees until they meet the shore so they have more space to grow their stuff, and therefore more cash in their pockets. So their chemicals, sprayed before seeding, are not supposed to go in foods (eventhough there's some) and it goes straight in our water. 

Now guess what, a mad scientist is creating plants that will be specifically designed to absorb huge quantities of nitrogen, or mercury, etc... to put them along the shores so they will pump all the chemicals before it reach the water. He's working on about 20 genes, for 20 genetically modified plants. Talking about trying to cure instead of removing the problem. It's like legalizing and encouraging pollution.

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