How can an athlete thrive on only fruits or fruits with just half a cup of nuts per day? Ain't that not enough of proteins? Well, not really. 

First of all, seeds, nuts, and even greens, are all part of a fruitarian diet, because anyway they're fruits (nuts are oleaginous fruits) or part of fruits (seeds). While greens are not fruits (except cucumbers, zuchinis, tomatoes, etc are vegetable-fruits) but they're like 5% of the calories of the day, while fruits are 95%.  If not, then it's not a fruitarian diet. 

The biggest benefit of a fruit diet is the pure energy you get : fruits contain natural sugar that can be almost instantly utilized as energy by your organism, and we all know that glycogen is the ONLY energy for the body. Everything else than fruits need to transformed with long digestion, requiring lots of your energy, only to be used as energy afterwards. That's a loss of time and energy. 

So, let me get back to my first point: how is it possible to gain muscle or maintain lean mass on just fruits or any food high in proteins? That's because it is raw. We say that there's "x" grams of proteins in "y" food, but to study this food, we need to cook it. And we all know that cooking destroys most of the vitamins. But it doesn't destroy only this, but everything. The healthy fats become toxic because their molecular structure become unstable and they lose their balance; heat also modifies the nature of the carbohydrates and can change it's glycemic index (GI); when you cook food, you also lose some of the proteins... for fish you can lose 22% of the lysine. When you refine wheat or any other cereal, you lose about 20% of it's proteins too.  Raw foods always contain way more proteins than what's written on it's label when you buy it. 

No wonder bodybuilders on a cooked diet are being told to eat 250-500 grams of proteins per day. No wonder that raw athletes succeed without any foods high in proteins. Because basically ALL food contain proteins. Fruits contain only 1% proteins, but it's top quality amino acids, just like breast milk, which contains also 1% proteins. Greens are very high in proteins, in terms of calories, but we never think about it, because people are used to eat no vegetables, or just as a condiment.  And they eat fruits as a dessert, or they cook a slice of orange with the duck in the oven. 


Tim VanOrden; this guy is simply a genius. All you need is some common sense.

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