I like the posts by this guy RawVgn on vbb board. I don't write English very well so I tought I could paste some of his posts here because it reflects my thinking too. Here we go with politics, concerning what the Bush Administration did over the past few years, what the right-wing did before and will continue to do if another republican is elected soon in the United States. 
The republicans have controlled the presidency and executive branch, and at least part of congress, more than 80% of the time in the past 25 years. Their policies have turned our economy and financial system into a banana republic full of white collar criminals and scammers, they've wrapped a ten trillion dollar noose of debt around our families and childrens necks, they've manufactured an endless war in Iraq based on lies that has cost 3 trillion dollars with no end in sight and killed over a million people, they've Walmartized the economy and made jobs our biggest export, they've created a medical system that underinsures or doesn't cover almost a third of the population that is by far the most expensive in the world undermining the competitiveness of our companies and workers, they've created laws that prevent food manufacturers from being liable for creating the obesist and one of the most unhealthy populations in the industrial world. And then the fools scratch their heads and wonder why people lack confidence in the system they've created. We've been down the road of right-wing rule before; another republican presidency could easily drive the country into another republican Great Depression.


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