Meat eaters are strange...

A meat-eater was stunned when she saw me eating a kiwi. Just because I was eating the skin too. So in this world, people eat animal carcasses, but they're repelled by eating a fresh fruit. They eat animal corpses, dead since many days, and processed meat like sausages that contains nasty organs she's not even aware of. She didn't know that the candies she's eating  are
gelatin based (then she was horrified that kids eat this, and her own kid "but they can't do this to kids?")... well, seems like they do it...  And then she's repelled by a fruit, just because the skin is a bit rough and hairy. Well I prefer eating some nice colorful fruit skin rather than some intestines of a cow. 

A though I had: 

Humans kill 53 billion animals per year... If it would be animals who would do this to humans, at the same rate but without forcing us to reproduce, there wouldn't be a single human left on Earth after just a couple of months. 

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