Vampires and Cannibals I

Blood transfusions are the new vampirism ? Organ transplants are the new cannibalism? Of course. Claiming the opposite would be playing with words or playing the ostrich.  I'm posting here some news about something that is everywhere and so well accepted by society that most people never even thought about it, others refuse to think about it and claim it's insane to have thoughs like that.  ////////////////////////////////// My position about those modern medical procedures is clear : I know it saves lives. I know it's a good thing, and therefore I'm for it. I've donated blood once and will repeat it in the future. I've signed my card for organ donations because I don't care what they do with my body once I'm braindead. I don't want people to read this and be scared and turned off by donating blood. I'm just for calling things by what they are and to raise awareness in a world where to many people live in total ignorance and lies. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// So yeah basically I'm for those procedures, eventhough I have some resignations. It can save lives but also kill sometimes. It passes infectious blood to another. Or about organ transplants, some people got their organs removed before they were even braindead (illegally, or because of medical mistakes). The real reason I'm a bit against all this is for moral and ethics: it is not a natural alternative to death. When the body is not able to heal and must die, let it die for Christ sake! But modern science intend to act differently. I've read a fascinating book about infectious animal proteins (called prions). Unfortunately the book is only in French, but it enlighten the reader about how animals in farms are cannibalized (farmers feeding them with the deads of their own spicie). Cannibalism causes cannibalism diseases (mad cow, mad sheep, etc) and those diseases passes through different spicies... humans eating meat of cannibalized animals... Cannibalism diseases due to infectious proteins on humans are : Parkinson, Alzheimer, and Human Mad Cow Disease. Those are all incurable. See:

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