Vampires and Cannibals II

"Implied Consent for Organ Donation :MPPs reopen organ-donation debate
New Democrats renew push for legislation making Ontarians automatic donors unless they opt out" : "As we speak, good organs are being burned or buried across this province because the province insists on maintaining its presumption system," said NDP MPP Peter Kormos" Hmm, interresting, is he aware that people have been dying because of this since the beginning of time, organ transplants is old of just a few decades.  Although I don't fully agree with such intense comments : "My Body My Life...
I find it offensive beyond comprehension that the government has the audacity to tell me what to do with MY body and MY life. Bad enough that we are treated like herded cattle being led to slaughter, but this one smacks of Human Rights violations like nothing else. I have the human right to choose what to do with my life and ultimately, my body and it's parts. No one and I mean no one will ever tell me what to do with it. The government has overstepped their mandate and bounds regarding this issue.

(Posted by Ernest Reed at 3:45 PM Wednesday, July 30 2008 ) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "POSTMODERN CANNIBALISM - black market trade of human organs Over the past thirty years, organ transplantation has developed from being an experimental procedure, performed in a few advanced medical centers, to being a fairly common therapeutic one carried out in hospitals and clinics throughout the world."                        " It is argued that the main trend of modern medicine: organ transplantation from an alien donor, will become socially dangerous in near future since the number of donors will be drastically smaller than the number of potential patients waiting for transplantations. This in turn may cause social conflicts and a form of medical cannibalism may arise. These problems and conflicts will be avoided if organ transplantation from an alien donor is replaced by organ cloning, i.e. by transplanting an organ developed from the patient.  " “When the law allows organs to be harvested from the bodies of the dead without the explicit prior consent of the dead, or the explicit consent of the next of kin, the State becomes effectively a cannibal"      "The New Cannibalism" (
"These demands are amplified by medical talk about the scarcity of organs. In the US, for example, there are close to 50,000 people currently on various organ waiting lists. But the very idea of organ scarcity has to be questioned. It's an artificially created need, invented by transplant technicians and dangled before the eyes of an ever-expanding sick, ageing, and dying population. And it's a scarcity that can never under any circumstances be satisfied, for underlying the need is the quintessentially human denial and refusal of death.
Japanese sociologist T Awaya describes the trend more bluntly: 'We are now eyeing each others' bodies greedily, as a potential source of detachable spare parts with which to extend our lives.' And he calls it a form of 'social or "friendly" cannibalism'. While unwilling to condemn it outright, Awaya does want organ donors and recipients to face squarely just what kind of social exchange they are engaged in."
    "Organ Transplants
Although an unsavory thought, there is no biblical argument against this medical practice. However there was a period of time when the Watchtower had them banned and stated that it was a “cannibalistic” practice.  In 1980 the Watchtower changed their view on this and organ transplants were no longer considered “cannibalistic” as the donated organ was not eaten.   The tragedy of this story is the loss of life of many faithful Jehovah Witnesses who refused this acceptable medical procedure in the time when it was banned. 
Does the Watchtower have blood on its hands?
The ironic thing about this ruling, if you can call it ironic, is that body tissue contains 97% of all the Leukocytes in a human body (the other 3% is in the blood system) and Leukocytes are on the Watchtower’s list of banned blood fractions. ------- Those who submit to such operations are thus living off the flesh of another human. That is cannibalistic. However, in allowing man to eat animal flesh Jehovah God did not grant permission for humans to try to perpetuate their lives by cannibalistically taking into their bodies human flesh, whether chewed or in the form of whole organs or body parts taken from others...". -- "The website shows various "nasty" sides of organ transplant - called "nasty", since they reveal the cannibalistic nature of transplant. A nature we don't want to be reminded of. We'd rather just look at the bright side of transplants: don't they just save people's life? So why show this nasty side ? -- "Because organ transplantation involves the literal taking into one body of another body's parts, Japanese commentators on modern biotechnology have, at least in comparison to their Western counterparts, been willing to see parallels between such a practice and cannibalism. This survey of that difference in sensitivity suggests that it is part of the reason why Japan has been less willing to grant social acceptance to such a medical procedure. Differences between Buddhism and Christianity - since in the latter a central ritual involves the symbolic ingestion of flesh and blood - also appear to be involved in the differing ways in which organ transplantation from "brain-dead" persons has been evaluated not only by the bioethicists but also by the general populace in these two constituencies.",3110,0131423398,00.html "Part of the Prentice Hall Exploring Biology Series, Mad Cows and Cannibals explores the biological, political and social aspects of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, including Mad Cow Disease and Chronic Wasting Disease.
The text begins with stories of ritualistic cannibalism in the highlands of New Guinea, and leads to the modern agricultural feeding practices that triggered the Mad Cow Disease epidemic in Great Britain, and to recent outbreaks of Chronic Wasting Disease in North America. In clear and accessible language, it explains the biology of these bizzare, degenerative brain diseases, answering important questions about how TSEs affect the safety of our food supply, blood supply, and medical procedures. "

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