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Some FACTS about SHIT

While reading this, please bare in mind that : Methane from livestock is 20 times more nocive than Co2

(Source: the film from Bunuel "The Phantom of Liberty")
Each day the population increases, and 7 billion people produce and release huge quantities of waste of all kinds: insecticides, detergents and other toxic chemicals … not to mention all body wastes. An individual frees 3 pounds of shit per day. This is 10 billion pounds per day. Yes, 10 million tons of excrement a day. And they are extremely toxic waste, whose effect is reinforced by the presence of chemicals.

The following facts are drawn from Diet for a New America by John Robbins.

In the US, farmed animals produce 130x more excrements than the entire human population : 86 000 pounds per second. That’s 309 600 000 pounds per hour, or 139320000 kilos. Where does all this shit go ? in the air, soil and water.
Production of excrement by total U.S. human population: 12,000 pounds/second
Production of excrement by U.S. livestock: 250,000 pounds/second
Sewage systems in U.S. cities: Common
Sewage systems in U.S. feedlots: Nil
Amount of waste produced annually by U.S. livestock in confinement operations which is not recycled: 1 billion tons
Relative concentration of feedlot wastes compared to raw domestic sewage: Ten to several hundred times more highly concentrated
Where feedlot waste often ends up: In our water

Manifestly the situation is critical and it is urgent to act now. We'll soon be 9 billion people on Earth and if we keep the same eating habits it will become horrible. I told some fact like that to someone and he said : "you shit too", sure, and you too. But the point is that the cattle we feed just to fill the stomach of a human fat ass is unacceptable because it pollutes our environement with astonishing amounts of methane and fecal matters, FOR ABSOLUTLY NO REASON, except to satisfy the tongues of some capricious beings. It cannot be compared with us, who eat to live and there for we shit as a result.

(All this is so ridiculous so much it is tragic...)

Shit from cattle pollutes 100 times more than human waste
Each ruminant delivers 60 liters of methane per day
There’s too much shit from cattles that groung cannot support it anymore. We drop it into water, becoming more and more toxic and polluted. The bacterias turns its amoniac into acid that evaporates. Combined with nitrous oxydes from chimic fertilizers you get ACID RAIN.
Just one cow makes 23 tons of droppings every year
10 pigs make 21 tons of shit/ year

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