Movies I Saw 2

Films que j'ai vu dernièrement : Movies I saw lately:  L'âge des Ténêbre I didn't like it. Just a batch of sketches that are not even funny and it becomes really repetitive. - Vantage Point yeah I liked it, suspence-thriller that never stops - In Bruges it was ok, a bit slow rythme but not too slow, good  dialogues- Over the Topahah this was funny, with Sly Stallone, the final match with the close-ups is quite something 2 see - Bella - Romulus, My Father - Tracey Fragments This was very inventive, visually, while the screenplay is only mixing up the scenes, the story is too simple -- just a girl looking for her disappeared young brother. But again, visually -- multiple split screens editing -- very impressive. - Shutter  that was ok, not bad at all. - Insanitarium - Punisher I&II the first one sucks, the second one rules! - The Bank Job I liked it! not the typical explosion-packed Jason Statham flick - Born to Fight the stunts in this movie are INSANE! - Funny Games not better nor worse than the original. Just a good reflexion on violence and it's relation to enternainmentsNever Back DownThis was actually way better than what I feared judging by the critics. Of course it's just another teen movie, but better than most of them. 

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