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I've been working in a rental video store for about 3 months and was bringing about a dozen of movies 2 see at home each week. I guess I must have seen over 200 movies lately. Here's some of the ones I enjoyed the most:   

Klimt: Ruiz film about the painter, for people who love arts and unconventional filmmaking.
Giant : the classic with James Dean, already saw it before of course.
Strings: animation movie with puppets. Didn't really like it but it's different from most movies.

Manufactured Landscapes: awesome documentary. "Photographer Edward Burtynsky travels the world observing changes in landscapes due to industrial work and manufacturing".

Edmund : wow, this is an incredible movie. Violent, crazy, but lots to think about and wonderful actors. Written by David Mamet.

The Host: Korean movie about a monster in a river. I liked it, good action scenes and funny moments, and even a subtile critique/metaphor about USA!

La Brunante : French-Canadian movie, I doubt you can find this one distributed near you, but good actresses, it was a good drama about life, friendship, death.

Vitus: movie from Switzerland. The first part, it's just another movie about a kid who's a genius. But then, a surprising twist. Really good.

Once: incredible music ! 2 scenes espescially. Won an Oscar for best song. Eventhough I'm not really into music creation, I liked it very much. Well done with low budget. It feels real.

Before sunrise: I prefered this one than it's sequel Before Sunset. Eventhough I don't really like Ethan Hawke, especially in Before Sunrise, Julie Delpy is so amazing, samething with the screenplay, long shots, etc... -Communion : '80's movie with Christopher Walken, best alien movie I've ever seen

-Pirates : by Roman Polanski. Not so good but funny and I like Polanski's work

-The Great Debaters : Denzel Washington's second effort as a director, about racism, KKK, black students and white universities... really good.

-Enlightenment Guaranteed (English title): this was so funny, a social satire showing how pathetic our society is, people are so materialist, with their cell phones, and eating Big Macs. Not different in Japan, where two German brothers go for a trip to visit a buddhist zen monastry and end up begging in the streets and sleeping in a tent near trains.                               The Tattooist : ok drama-thriller with supernatural phenomenons, spirits, etc. Good movie if you love tattoos.
10 000 B.C : better than what I thought
Immortal : nice French animation movie
Savage Planet: be careful don't watch this one it is of the worst movie I ever saw. Really bad, especially the cheap special effects made on computer.
Shiri: kind of korean Nikita
Colour me Kubrick: this was so funny. John Malkovich portraying a crazy guy that make believe he's filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Based on a true story.
King of California: reading the synospis I thought it would have been better
Be Kind Rewind: So funny and lots of creativity. It was shot in a small American town and the people in the movie are the real citizens. I love Michel Gondry, a French director that made lots of beautiful music videos such as Bjork's. He made good movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep.
The Other Boley Girl: good drama about the rivality between two sisters for the king of England. One of them gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I.
Rambo IV: I liked it even if it's really violent. I have nothing against violence in movies, it's better to have a dose of fictional violence than causing real violence. Catharsis effect. It's the same story than before, but Stallone adds another dimension as a director director, samething with his latest Rocky. He adds some humanity in a subtile way to old characters.
The Bucket List: comedy with Jack Nicholson. Conventional, academic but still good,
The Take: very good thriller with nice pursuits, actions scenes and drama.
The Contract: not bad. Good thriller in nature.
Tideland: Terry Gilliam movie but Canadian production lol. It's like Alice in Wonderland but more mature, with some junkies, etc. I found it a bit boring, like his other movie about childhood: Munchasen
Toi: a French Canadian movie about sex, love, relationships and separation. Good
The Undisputed I & II: first one : When heavyweight champion James 'Iceman' Chambers lands in prison, the resident gangster arranges a boxing match with the reigning prison champ (played by Wesley Snipes). it wasn't, the actors are doing a good job. But second one was better: this times is with mixed martial arts and in a prison located in Russia. All the actors are great and perform the stunts themselves. Great fight scenes even if over the top.
Normal and Waiter : two awesome foreign movies (England and German I think) Great screenplay. City of Men, sort of sequel to City of God, about the gangs war in Rio de Janeiro.
Awesome movie. The shooting scenes with over 50 kids with guns in the streets are impressive. The Snake... not very good but it was OK. A L'Interieur (Inside):That was hardcore. Pure carnage. blood everywhere. Truly disturbing scenes. It's feminine horror, gore, with scissors and all kinds of strange weapons. Arielle Dombasle is pure evil in this; her voice, her look... Even if sometimes it was a bit over the top, it's still pretty realistic. I suggest it to those who love this genre of cinema.

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