"Season of the Superhero"

I like this article/essay. I fully agree. http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/features/usaid/story.html?id=490dd6b5-bbcc-4659-aae7-276c8b9bb6a3 The new Batman movie (The Dark Knight)  is breaking box-office records, grossing out 200 millions during the first days of exploitation. Will probably do around 500 millions profit.   written by Kate Heartfield, Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008::: "Trends happen. " "When the people seem to like something, they're bound to get more of it, until most of them get sick of it. There was that weird penguin fascination a little while back. One summer, it might be wizards; the next, pirates. It's obvious from the children's section in bookstores these days that somebody just figured out, again, that little girls like fairies." "Young people and storytellers have always liked rogues and heroes, and they always will."  "It does not take a lot of imagination to see the new Batman movie that is setting box office records, The Dark Knight, as something of a commentary on the war on terror," blogged the editorial board of The New York Times last week. " "Some reviewers of The Dark Knight and Hancock say we're a culture that's sick of heroes and mistrustful of easy answers. Other commentators say the opposite: That the superhero trend shows that North American society is scared of terrorists or global warming - even of the future of the economy - and is hoping for rescue. According to that analysis, we yearn for the days (probably imaginary) when there were good guys.
It's foolish to read too much cultural meaning into the release date of a movie. Remember when everyone was reading The Fellowship of the Ring as a comment on Sept. 11, 2001 and its aftermath? Not only did the film version come out a mere three months later, which would make Peter Jackson more impressive than Nostradamus, but it was, of course, based on a book published a half-century ago."                
                                                                                                             I always found that there were too many movies made out of comic books lately. All those superhero movies, and then movies to make fun of those movies... I hate all trends. Like the Lord of the Ring trend. Like the Harry Potter trend. Then  all the animation movies with pinguins, pigs and chickens that dance and sing. People who go see this are like : "oh he's so cute!" while they're eating their butter popcorn that is made with the fat of the milk of slavery cow who's gonna be slaughtered later, and after the movie they're gonna go eat a BBQ chicken.  All those movies are for kids. We see how mature adults nowadays are.  

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