I have read The Vancouver Sun newspaper yesterday : "B.C.'s biggest wal-mart opens it's doors" "Mather estimated that 300 to 400 people lined up to be among the first in the doors to get at opening specials such as seedless grapes for 97 cents a pound, giant packs of brand-name disposable diapers for $29.97 and 15-roll packages of brand-name paper towels for $9.97." Wow! seems like interesting items... ""I felt that I can just come to the store and get all my shopping done," Athwal said, "and I'm going to do that."" I bet you will. So you don't eat anything but foods bought at Wal-Mart? ""It's a very large store, and I must say I'm very impressed," Casson said. "It's going to be interesting to see what happens with the local guys, the small stores, but the economy's booming out here, housing's growing.""... Yes, "it's going to be interesting to see" all the local small stores closing one after the other. ""[Wal-Mart] is really going up against a Superstore, or Save-On-Foods," Gray said.
Shoppers who regularly go to specialty stores such as Whole Foods or Capers, or like to hit their corner produce store for the freshest fruits and vegetables likely won't change their habits.
However, stores like Safeway or Save-On-Foods, and even big boxes like Canadian Tire, will have to step up service to compete.
Gray added that the supercentre has been key to Wal-Mart's resurgence over the past couple of years."

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