my blood

Yesterday I donated blood. The donation took place in the church of the village.  Because it was my first time, they put a sticker on my t-shirt that says: "New Donor". I was the only one with this sticker. Other donors were looking at me that way :"good boy". While I was giving blood I never felt like if I was saving the life of someone, but I knew my blood was leaving my veins and would be in someone else's veins in a few days. I was feeling like if I was a participant in some strange experiment: "the Re-shaping of the Human Body by Modern Technologies" or if I was joining some underground vampire club. I felt I was part of a vast traffic of body fluids.  Often, someone is forced by the members of his family or co-workers to give blood "what do you have to lose? are you scared? Give your blood, some people need it more then you do". Today, people exchange their fluids and bodyparts like we do with cars. And people who don't do so are seen as murderers.

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