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After I posted something controversial, another forum member suggested me to watch that movie Here Be Dragons. While the sub-title seemed interesting : An Introduction to Critical Thinking, I found the movie itself don't concerned me at all. I'm not one of those victims of nutritional supplements, astrology, etc. I don't know what that person was insinuating but whatever. I'm someone who's aware of this pseudo-science since many years. I used to be a less skeptical person long time ago, too naive. But not anymore. 

  Here's some websites for better movies than this Here Be Dragons thing:

First, Google Video. Will give you videos from all different websites.

Youtube of course. Here's the occasion to see good documentaries like  The World According to Monsanto, the worst company ever, that created the Agent Orange that was used to spray over Vietnam during the war, and now this company recreates our food with their patented GMO corn, soy, etc and their chemicals used as pesticides and insecticides. 
See other movies on my utube playlists.  

 Some good films on

 Other documentaries on

Movie previews (independant and Hollywood blockbusters) -

videos of music, film, video games, entertainment, martial arts and sports, etc on Spike TV.

Videos of all kinds (movies, news, music...) on this French website

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