milk and osteoporosis

This is sad: another article on osteoporosis, but they are not saying anything new. They write: osteoporosis does not have to be 'an inevitable part of aging'. Well, with the advices they give, it will continue to be inevitable, because what they are telling to do (taking calcium supplements, drink milk, eat dairy products, fish, and other sources of calcium) is what people already do, but they are still getting osteoporosis - millions of people... they are all eating cheese, fish, etc. And no matter how much they will increase their calcium intake, it wont change anything for this disease. You know the milk advertisement and the question all nutritionists ask 'are you getting enough?' (milk, dairies)... well, eventhough people eat more and more of this, they are still saying its not enough, because diseases related to teeths and bones are still high and getting higher; so they say: drink even more milk. Thing is: too much is like not enough. What they nned to say is: eat less proteins, eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods give plenty of calcium, without excess of proteins. No matter how much calcium you get, if you eat too much proteins, your body will acidify itself and it will leak calcium out of your teeths and bones for alkaline minerals (calcium). As soon as you get too much proteins (and we dont need a lot... only about 10% of your total calories intake, while people get 20-25%... so eat about 30-40 grams of proteins a dayrather than 70-80+)... so as soon as you get too much proteins, you have a negative calcium balance, and taking a ton of calcium supplements wont change anything.

Milk, dairy products, fish, etc are killing people.

Check out those videos from a new documentary on the truth about milk !

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