some old text I've written offline

In 1950, there were almost 3 billion humans on Earth. In October 2009, we will be 6,7 billion. And in 2042, we will be almost 9 billion on this planet. So in 100 years, total population tripled: 3 times more water drinker, 3 times more food needed to feed all the mouths; 3 times more of everything, but still only one planet to satisfy everybody. Already millions of people dying of hunger in 1950. Will there be 3 times more people dying of hunger? Probably even more.
Las Vegas is built in the middle of the desert where there is not a single drop of water. There's still people arrousing their grass, but there's more and more people beginning to be aware that soon their city will face a tragic shortage of water and people won't even have water to drink or to wash themselves.


One day I was working with a boy of 16 years old or so. He went to McDonalds for lunch, and talked about pops many times throughout the day, eventhough I told him I'm not interested in that and I don't drink soft drinks or very rarely. He was talking about the cost of soft drinks and the quality of each brand, the different levels of carbonized water in each pop. Guess what he ate for dinner? McDonalds again. He bought a BigMac among other things. And of course he got acne.

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