Travel Diary I

7th September
Once there was this teenager walking with his mother, I asked him politely where is this street I've been looking for hours, and he continued his way without looking at me and made a sound like ''euinh...'' as if he was gonna throw up just at the idea of helping a stranger. I laughed and told to this little bastard to go fuck himself in French.
I didn't like London especially because when I arrived I saw those restroom at the train station that we need to pay to enter. Never saw that before in America. So I had to go outside and search for free restrooms. But now I see bathrooms like this everywhere in Europe, so I often piss outside in the streets,. I also didn't like London because the city, the streets, are built as if it was designed by a thousand different retards, because there's one street in that way, then it changes name or most of the time the name of street isn't even written or not clearly, and then it turns and split into many streets. I had a map but never found any spots I wanted to go, like when I wanted to leave the country; and just to be even more fucked up, the cars are going in the opposite directions than in America and most of Europe... Didn't stay long in that damned city. But I will return in a few weeks and will probably enjoy it more because I will be more prepared, maybe with a couch at someone's place to stay overnight and then just go out with no stress and go to a vegan joint.

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