I love all animals, even insects, but I don't like at all those that could eat me, and all those that suck my blood or attack me for other reasons then just for their defense. I understand a rhino that charge on me if I'm on his territory; he's afraid, he thinks I might attack him, if I show him I dont want to hurt him and I leave, perhaps he wont harm me. I don't like those carnivorous animals that will bite me just because they're fucked up in the head, just because they're natural born killers. I love plants but I wouldn't like if a fucking carnivorous plant eats me alive (I know its not really possible). Meateaters and other sickos eating corpses of dead animals in the form of a Big Mac... I hate those fucking vampires: bedbugs, ticks, catfleas that jump on you to suck your blood, red ants that eat you alive, fucking leeches, bats - all those blood suckers are ugly animals or is it just coincidence? - moose flies, black flies, mosquitos and other bugs that spread diseases, Aids and other viruses... intestinal worms, carnivores, killers and other predators,parasites and other calamities of this world that nobody likes. I mean I like cats, they're cute, and nice - when domesticated - but I dont like them when I see them having fun torturing a poor innocent mouse, totally terrified, pretrified with fear, her tiny heart beats so fast that it could explode, and those cats like that, they're not even killing the mouse, just hitting it with their paws and claws and teeths, playing for half an hour. What if I did the same thing to them, I'm sure they wouldn't like it, and I wouldn't like it either. For a few weeks I was being really stressed out because of work, and because of my cat itself always making noise because she was herself stressed of her first pregnancy, then she was stressed and acting insane with her new born kittens so sometimes I would throw my cat 5 meters away, I would just grab her suddenly and throw her, so she became afraid of me, and each time I was doing this I felt so bad for her and guilty, and she was getting even more stressed and unhappy, and me too, which is a sign that violence and brutality are bad. Good and Bad DO exist, no matter if there's a God or not, or justice, law, police, whatever: we feel fear, remorse, joy, these feelings represent abstract, yet real, values: good and bad. Yes death is natural. Yes a tiger killing an antilope is natural, but not necessarily good just because it is natural... Bad is natural too. But just because its natural doesn't mean we must do it. We can do the Good, natural way too.
I'd like a world without those parasites. If we cant make them disapear, at least let's change, us, humans that eat flesh like vulgar ogres.. come on, wake up ! are you so decadent that you eat some dead chickens with dead skin, dead muscles, with blood, nerves, and you always ask for more...

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