ok I just have to rant about madness of society in little things, details that nobody would notice but its there: increddible amount of sugar -- when it is not necessary! -- I got this green tea bottle by Nestea -- they make adds saying its healthy and stuff, loaded with 'natural tea polyphenols' crap, but all there is in that is water and sugar - sugar/glucose-fructose syrup; 42g of sugar per bottle. If its for donuts and stuff, I understand it would taste crappy without sugar... but green tea tastes good naturally without any sweetening or just a little sweezed lemon or fruit juice. I regret I bought this but at least it wont happen again soon: I got at home some green tea leaves, ginkgo biloba, hawtorne, and I can even infuse them under the sun instead of putting boiling water on it. Then just some juice from a fresh grapefruit... got a nice, refreshing beverage perfect at anytime during the day.

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