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The other day I saw a woman buying BLOOD PUDDING at the grocery store. How pathetic and disgusting... People are vampires! Parasites, mosquitos, carnivores...


It rained since most of the summer... well it wasn't really 'summer' if it rains and if its cold almost everyday right? And then since 2 weeks its always really hot and humid, air filled with pollution due to smog... when too much is not enough... and then it rains again.
Anyways, I wont complain too much; I got a nice tan, I'm not working except if I want to, but I dont want to right now, maybe this week-end of next week, so I'm in vacation. And in about 2 weeks I leave for Europe, for my first ever real trip on my own. I went to Republics Dominican before but I was so young... A one-month trip to visit all the nice cities: london, paris, stockholm, etc...
...So now it rains, I'm at the main library of Montreal, listening and ripping some Cds of chillhout music, rap (ghost face killah, method man, and some french hip hop...). I'm blogging. Later today I'll go back home, chilling, maybe have an energy drink, then to the gym for full-body workout ending with yoga relaxation, then perhaps to vegan restaurant Aux Vivres. Life is beautiful. Soon (starting slowly today and then week-end and for the whole week ) I'll eat a clean vegan diet again, for cutting, detox, etc: mostly fruits, greens, green tea, hemp protein powder. I like the feeling it gives me, and increased energy despite the very low calorie, so I can focus on training, moving, create; healthy lifestyle.

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